Khud Parast Episode 14 & 15 Story Review – So Far So Good

Opening Thoughts – Still Going Strong:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was quite intense & filled with power-packed performances. The direction of Khud Parast continues to be strong & so is the story line. Even though the story of Khud Parast includes a lot of plotting & planning, lies & deceit but while watching it today I realized that if stories like these are done well, they make a good drama.

Uswa Is Unapologetically Herself:

Even though with the passage of time Uswa is turning into a negative character & I do not agree with the direction where she’s headed but I will say that she still is a refreshing character in herself. I feel this way because Uswa is anything but a damsel in distress. Yes, she takes a beating from her husband, lets her mother in law dictate her husband too but she still is fighting for what belongs to her. Yes, for everyone including me, all the decisions that Uswa has taken are definitely wrong because she is not even coming across as loyal to Hanan but I like the fact that whatever her mental capacity is, she is fighting her battle the way she deems right & is making her own decisions. All of this definitely makes Uswa a twisted character but I will definitely commend the writer for giving us something new because we are definitely tired of seeing those dukhyari bibis who shed truckload of tears with the help of glycerine at their misery but no matter what she does, Uswa is a fighter. Uswa is unapologetically herself & she has not once backtracked. Yes, she fails to understand the intricacies of the situations plus she is literally playing with fire but whatever she is doing is what her heart tells her to. At least later when she will face the consequences, she will regret it herself but won’t put a blame on anyone else. It is kind of nice to see an emotionally & mentally independent & self-sufficient character. I find her completely wrong for cheating her husband but I enjoy watching her character because it is well-written & has so many shades. In the middle of Batools, Salehas & Nigars; totally black & white characters I like the fact that Uswa is a mix of both & is a phenomenally done grey character where at times you do understand her perspective but when see her from afar, you can pin point all the mistakes that she is committing.

I so wish Uswa would give Beenish a chance & try to understand her for once. Uswa has formed a strong opinion about everyone in this house that she can not even imagine someone would be different to what she thinks. Beenish guided Hanan as to how he should treat his wife but Uswa had no idea & there she was insulting her again. I wish Beenish opens up & clearly tells Uswa about how she has tried to help her time & again but then even she knows that Uswa will not believe her.

Hanan felt guilty but then Uswa was wrong in further guilt-tripping him by mentioning that she was at her mother’s house which is a lie. Uswa told Maria that she will go to any extreme to fulfil all of her wishes no matter how nominal they must be & this is the kind of attitude that will definitely put Uswa in trouble. She has no idea that she is playing with fire plus she knows how Hanan reacts yet she continues to take risks thinking she will never fall in a deep pit. Uswa does claim that she loves Hanan but it gets a bit hard to believe her seeing all the things she does behind his back. Hanan tried to compensate her with what she couldn’t even imagine but she again labelled it as a gesture that he made only because he has a lot of wealth with which he thinks he can buy anything. I did feel Uswa was partially right, Hanan hit her but then he took a materialistic approach to make her forget what he did because Hanan doesn’t know any better!

Bakhtawar continued to watch the entire situation like a spectator because she knows that her plan is in action. Bakhtawar silenced Zarina & all of her concerns by speaking about her sons’ business. It was sickly amusing how Zarina told Uswa that if this is what she gets in return, she should keep on taking a beating every now & then. Saad knows his mother a bit too well, that is why he told his wife Zoya that he decided to give Zarina a gold chain to later take the financial advantage. It is interesting to see how this borrowed wealth has given a rise to a different set of politics in Zarina’s house where everyone is planning one thing or the other for their own benefit. Uswa couldn’t stop reminding her mother about the money that she & her sons were getting from Uswa, obviously this was her way of telling her mother how she was feeling burdened with their attitude.

Adeel is the new thorn in Uswa’s way. First thing’s first, this is a done deal that Uswa has never once encouraged Adeel’s advances. Uswa has only stayed in contact with Adeel because she takes him as a friend whom she can confide in plus Adeel is the only guy who says what Uswa wants to hear that is why she is still friends with him but yes Adeel is now taking it to a different level. Adeel knows that Uswa is unhappy because again this is the kind of impression Uswa has given to him willingly or unwillingly that is why he is now pushing his agenda & trying to take advantage of all the details that Uswa has given to him about her marital life. It is pretty obvious that Adeel is not even sincere but she has turned into a challenge for him right from the beginning, so he will do whatever it takes to win that challenge & he might as well ditch her later on IF he gets a chance to be with her, which I totally see happening. Uswa did stop Adeel for now but it is pretty obvious that she won’t be able to ignore him for long because Uswa is someone who thinks the grass is greener on the other side. Uswa will start believing everything that Adeel says & she will assume that he will understand her but she will be mistaken. Uswa has not really encouraged Adeel ever but because she meets him behind Hanan’s back, he thinks she is quite bold & he is the type of guy who likes to play with the feelings of such girls because they fancy the idea of being with them for a while till they get what they want from them. Adeel is definitely going to turn into a challenge for Uswa & she will regret it later because now he won’t stop pestering her. No matter what Hanan has done so far, he doesn’t deserve to be cheated like this & this is Uswa’s biggest mistake!

Closing Thoughts – Well Written Drama:

Overall, I had a great time watching Khud Parast as usual. The characters are so well written & their personalities & traits are so diverse. The writer definitely has put in a lot of effort into all the characters that is why they all stand out in their own unique way. I always enjoy listening to the conversations in this drama because the dialogues are always well-worded & strike a chord. I think ARY definitely has done a favour on those viewers who are a fan of Khud Parast by airing its double episode because it is an added bonus. Khud Parast is a well-written, well-executed drama which has such characters that give you so much to talk & think about what they do. I must say, all the actors have made this drama what it is. There’s not a single actor who has not played their part well. Too good! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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  • I do not want her to cheat on Hannan. Not because I care about him, but I want her to preserved her dignity and prove her mother in law wrong. if she is got cheating, her mother in law will win!! I don’t want that. I am routing for Uswa