Khud Parast Episode 24 Story Review – Inspired By Balaa?

Opening Thoughts – Inspired By Balaa?

Ohkay so, to be completely honest; I struggled to watch & review this episode of Khud Parast because it has become quite stagnant & the story is not moving forward whatsoever. I think by dragging things further they are going to lose the chance of making an impact when the tyrants in this drama get what they deserve. Also, not sure why but I felt that a few events in this episode were heavily inspired by the recent drama Balaa. I so hope that is not the case but considering the kind of popularity that hideous drama got, I won’t be surprised if the writer was forced by the producers to add those flavours in Khud Parast as well.

Uswa Is In Trouble:

Uswa & Adeel finally got married & Maria tried to talk Uswa out of this marriage for the one last time. Being a mature & wise person that Maria is, she wanted to prevent her sister from ruining her life further but Uswa wanted to do what she deemed right because she wanted to prove to everyone that she could make the right decisions too. Uswa is the kind of person who would jump into the deep pit only to prove others wrong while completely ignoring the fact that she’d end up hurting herself during the course of this action. Uswa did have inhibitions plus she also knew that Adeel had a past but she chose to believe him & not her own family.

Zarina is terminally ill but Adeel chose not to tell Uswa about it because he feels he can not waste the money on her treatment. This particular scenario reminded me of Balaa where Nigaar doesn’t tell anyone about Saleha’s condition (ironically the same kind of disease that Zarina is faced with) & lets her die. Adeel has made up his mind that Zarina is going to pass away anyways so he thought he’d save that money for himself. Uswa ended up trusting Adeel a bit more than he deserved & that is going to be the turning point of this marriage too where Adeel will get what he wanted & he will then treat Uswa as a nobody!

Bakhtawar has lost her senses because she has been tortured so much, again, this was a reminiscent of Balaa too where Shama lost her sanity because of being continuously & brutally tortured by Nigaar. In Khud Parast, it is again the daughter in law who is driving her mother in law nuts. To be honest, as much as I wanted Bakhtawar to pay for what she did, when I saw Khatoon Bibi getting the hold of those keys, I actually hoped that she’d rescue Bakhtawar or at least meet her to console her. This is what happens when things are dragged, that you end up forgetting what the character did & you actually sympathize with them. I don’t agree that a negativity should be nullified with the negativity, like whatever Nazish is doing with Bakhtawar will come back to her in full circle too so, yes, not too convinced here.

To be honest while watching this episode of Khud Parast, I was forced to question about what the writer was trying to convey in terms of the treatment that both Uswa & Beenish got. Uswa was rebellious, she didn’t pay heed to what others expected from her, she was selfish, self-centred & a victim of self-pity so, going by the text book she was bound to doom but if we look at Beenish, she was a text book Bahu; submissive, selfless, forgiving & someone who minded her own business, yet she also met the same fate? She was humiliated. Yes, I do get that she was better off without a husband like Moeez & now she even has become independent & self-sufficient to support her daughter too but then, I am trying to figure out the formula that would’ve secured the position of a girl in a household like Bakhtawar’s because she couldn’t tolerate Uswa but then she also let go of Beenish easily while believing that she must’ve had an affair with Hanan? No middle ground there! So who was right & who was wrong? In this case all three of them; Bakhtawar, Beenish & Uswa are wrong!

Closing Thoughts – Still Like This Drama, But:

Anyways, this episode of Khud Parast reminded me of Balaa quite a lot of times. I really wish the writer had stayed true to the undertone that this drama had right from the beginning because now it seems that it has been written by a completely different person. I still like watching Khud Parast but this episode was hard for me to follow. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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