Khud Parast Episode 26 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Good Build Up:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast started wrapping the drama up. I think Team Khud Parast deserves a credit for doing justice to every phase of the story that was being shown at the time because they took their time & established & elaborated all the plots like they were meant to be. Even now I felt that we won’t get a rushed ending which will leave us asking for more because they took a decent time in bringing the story to this point where everything has started falling in its place.

The Time To Face The Consequences:

Even though I have always felt that I didn’t want to see Hanan & Beenish together but what I liked about this entire scenario was that Hanan didn’t just say yes to his marriage with Beenish because Asma pushed him to. Hanan observed Beenish, he learned more about her due to the interactions they had, he also realized that she had an answer to all of his problems, something that actually compelled Hanan to admit that he was impressed with Beenish & her approach towards life. Yes, Hanan did find it hard to accept that he could actually get settled with Beenish but his friend also directed him a bit & Hanan finally convinced himself. Asma conveyed it to Beenish & her inhibitions as well as concerns were totally understandable. She didn’t want to confirm the rumours that were spread about Hanan & her but then Asma did make her see the bigger picture where having Hanan by her side would secure her. I do think Beenish will say yes, but I still feel they both shouldn’t have ended up together.

Nazish is two-timing & she is cheating on Moeez. I guess he deserves this, Moeez will definitely come to his senses when he will lose everything & I do want to see him paying the price for being a bad husband, worst father & a selfish son. It seemed that Moeez was well aware of the kind of treatment Nazish was giving to his mother but he didn’t bother because all he wanted was the money. Sad.

Adeel had AIDS & he infected Uswa too but it was sickening to see him blaming her & then Hanan for all of it. Adeel very well knew that he had this disease but he still chose to get married to Uswa because he wanted to enjoy the remaining time that he had. What a twisted & mentally deranged character. Zarina passed away & her pain & suffering did force Uswa to realize that things are only going to get worse. Soon enough Uswa will find out that Adeel didn’t inform her about her mother’s illness, & no matter what she will say, her brothers will not forgive or believe her. Uswa really has brought herself to this limit because she chose to believe on those who weren’t sincere & overlooked the sincere advice of her mother & sister. Indeed, everyone has paid the price for all that they have done & Uswa is left to accept, admit & apologize for her wrongdoings.

Closing Thoughts – Looking Forward To The Last Episode:

This episode of Khud Parast was nice but it definitely was depressing. Whatever Uswa faced in the initial stages of her marriage was definitely not something that would’ve convinced her to continue with this relationship but yes, in order to call it off, she did cross the limit, therefore she is going to face the consequences. The time when Uswa used to give it back to Bakhtawar was when I liked her for being unapologetically selfish but then there came a moment when she really crossed all the boundaries & for that, she has to face the brunt. Definitely looking forward to the last episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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