Khud Parast Last Episode Story Review – Complete Ending

Opening Thoughts – Complete Ending:

Ohkay so, the ending of Khud Parast was well-written & well-executed. The fact that they started wrapping the drama up in the previous episodes made it a lot more easier for them to give it a detailed & slow ending, rather than just rushing with everything last minute & that definitely made an impact. When the drama ended, the first thought that I had was ‘bohat acha drama tha’ & I guess this is what our drama-makers should aim for where this is the first thing that the viewers think of, rather than wishing for more or imagining what it would have been like if they had added more details. For me, Khud Parast was a complete drama which had a complete & to-the-point ending.

The Consequences – Both Good & Bad:

Hanan & Beenish got married & right from the beginning Beenish started doing everything that a dutiful wife does for her husband; being with him & extending help & support when she felt he was down. I kind of liked that they didn’t dwell too much into their relationship & the writer didn’t focus on showing to the viewers that Hanan & Beenish were now madly in love with each other. Rather, the writer kept their relationship very simple & reserved, exactly how it should be because it was based on the fact that both Hanan & Beenish needed each other’s support in their lives. I liked seeing that even after marriage, Hanan & Beenish still had a line of decency between them because they both were not only well-aware of each other’s past but also knew the heart break they both had experienced. Hanan & Beenish did get married & they did lead a very good life by emotionally setting down but now they were each other’s life partners, standing by one another through thick & thin by being each other’s support system.

Adeel divorced Uswa & she didn’t even find a place back in her siblings’ lives. Saad refused to welcome her back because he blamed Uswa for Zarina’s death. Maria also was done with her. I think Maria’s reaction was justified, she tried to save her sister from falling into this deep pit but now, she didn’t have anything left to offer to Uswa. It was nice to see Rameez trying to show Maria the other side of the picture but then Maria had made up her mind that she had nothing to do with Uswa.

I think after watching the previous episode, everyone exactly knew what Uswa’s ending & her fate would be. She passed away after a long suffering & she immediately did realize that now everything that she was facing was basically a consequence of her wrongdoings but I wish she had gotten a chance to apologize or at least had done something to find a chance to apologize to both Beenish & Hanan.

Bakhtawar faced her fair share of consequences that is why I kind of felt relieved that Hanan saved her from Nazish. Moeez was thrown out of everyone’s life & I am glad that they didn’t put too much focus on showing his misery – his fate was decided & that was enough for the viewers to know what he was now going to go through.

The last scene of the drama was done well but was very sad. Uswa passed away & Hanan without even knowing contributed to her final rites. At that moment I felt uneasy thinking Hanan might see that it’s Uswa & he will be scarred & disturbed for life but I am glad that he went away without looking at her. He did the right thing by contributing financially out of good-will but then going away was also figurative of how he had moved on. Honestly, he had faced so much of humiliation & was disturbed for so long, that now staying oblivious of Uswa & her death was something that he deserved. The last scene was definitely heart breaking but it was done so so well. Good to see Hanan’s life back on track.

Closing Thoughts – Well Done Team Khud Parast:

Overall, this drama was my favorite & now that it has ended, that hasn’t changed. Yes, the previous few episodes were too slow for my liking but the fact remains that this drama overall was superb & gripping. Everything starting from production value to writing to direction & acting – every thing was spot on. All the characters were important & contributed a great deal in completing the picture. Khud Parast was an intelligent piece of writing where it focused on a bunch of flawed people who were struggling & fighting their battles in their own orbits – some introspected & learned while others faced the consequences of staying blind to their wrongdoings. My favorite aspect of Khud Parast remains to be the dialogues – hands down this drama had some amazing, thought provoking conversations to its credit which were worded so so beautifully. I remember when the drama began I was unhappy with the portrayal of Hijab as a symbol of oppression but I am glad this wasn’t the focus in the rest of the story. It just turned into a struggle of a young immature girl who got married with a wrong perspective & could not accept anything & everything that came her way, even if it was positive. Ramsha Khan & Shehzad Sheikh were the stars of this drama, they both acted brilliantly. Asma Abbas is such an effortless actor & it was a treat seeing her as an authoritative Bakhtawar. All the supporting actors played their parts really really well & made this drama complete. The OST grew on me too & props to the editors for using it at a right time to add more depth to the scenario. This happens to be one of the few OST’s that did not get to me at all due to over-usage. Khud Parast was an amazing drama for sure. Please share your thoughts about this entire journey of Khud Parast.

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  • Okay, I also love this drama and enjoyed it, because of Uswa’s character – and how given everything how she was fighting to survive. I know she went too far, but again, I felt she had no choice (she was concerned). I do not think that the writers had to punished Uswa is such a way. I believe she was the victim in the drama – not Hannan and Beenish. She was a victim by her family, her in laws, her friend Adeel etc etc. And even though her sister was warning her – her sister also encouraged her to go roaming around with Adeel- she started this friendship …I felt for her character …women has no value…make a mistake and you are done!!

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