Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 21 Story Review – A Filler Episode

Ohkay so, not that most of the previous episodes have been different but this one for sure was one boring episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. I fail to connect with any of these characters so to see them moving on in their lives, getting the coverage about what they were intending to do absolutely made no sense whatsoever. The first scene of this episode was also so cryptic & philosophical, that too about the subject which has not been explored in this drama the way it should have, therefore it hindered me from getting hooked to the rest of the episode.

Sikandar > Farhad

The only decent happening & outcome turned out to be in Mahi’s track. She is proving that she is more than just Taimoor’s bewa. Although she takes her marital status quite seriously, she is not letting it make her tunnel-visioned where she has to just mourn & be secluded in her room. Mahi is picking up the pieces & coming to terms with her new life, which includes taking care of people around her, which I felt was a very nice development & promising at that. I do not wish to see her ending up with Sikandar but even if that happens, I wouldn’t mind because of Sikandar > Farhad in every literal sense.

I think before deciding to be a part of this story, Farhad (& I actually mean Farhad, not Feroze Khan) should’ve weighed down the pros & cons & had at least seen how other male characters in his comparison were. It is amusing that the writer wrote this story about Farhad but failed to give him at least 2 or 3 such traits that would’ve made him a decent character, or a person reasonably enough to match Mahi’s caliber. It is funny that although none of the other characters competed with Farhad, they still beat him in the race. Taimoor was a class apart but sadly he is no more, but even though Sikandar has been married before & has two kids, he is also involved with Romana, but even he stands a chance with Mahi & Farhad nowhere comes near.

While watching this episode, I was forced to think how special Hammad’s character in the previous seasons was. His journey also made so much sense because his spirituality was explored in such a manner. Everything about him, his love & his journey of self-discovery was organic & made it super easy to understand him. However, in KAM3, right from the beginning, viewers have been struggling to find that ‘one’ quality to at least see Farhad as a rational person, who is doing the right thing. The director surely has wasted quite a lot of episodes, whereas he could’ve used these to cover Farhad’s transition into this Fakir that he calls himself. At this stage it feels, the director wants us to believe that a few illegal, ticketless journeys on the train made Farhad find the purpose of his life & turn him into this gehra dukhyara, who a girl like Romana has not seen before. I mean what is it in his journey that is convincing or believable for us to see this transition & find it realistic? Right now Superhero Dervish is giving sermons but indirectly, this is his way of teaching Farhad because like I said in the previous review, he miraculously knows what Farhad wants to hear & what his self-inflicted struggles have been!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 21 Story Review - A Filler Episode

I wish Farhad’s mother also had 0.0000001% of the supernatural powers possessed by Dervish so that she knew that Farhad hadn’t died but oh well, luckily we have some real & regular human beings who behave normally & do not have those laser beam eyes, phew! The conversations seemed pretty meaningless in this entire episode, such as the one between Farhad’s father & brother, Sikandar’s conversation on the phone & pretty much everything else. The doctor was also cute, she said Taimoor’s mother was stressed out & she was bottling it up, but oh girl, ask me, all that she did was stress others out just to show how stressed she herself was. I am at this stage where I fail to take anything about Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 seriously, so I thoroughly enjoyed finding these little moments which made me laugh!

This episode had one problematic dialogue that came from Romana. According to her, Farhad is the only one ‘jo sab theek kar sakta hai’. Even before she blurted this out, seeing her eagerness to go to a Mazaar & meet the Fakir was making me think how shallow her approach on faith & Imaan was. Well, I don’t blame her because this is what the writer chose for her so she just played along, lol. Seriously, the kind of ideas the writer has indoctrinated in the name of spirituality in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 are not only questionable but highly problematic, but yes, I will definitely give due credit to Hashim Nadeem for giving us a character like Dervish because he is super funny & I enjoy watching him being this philosophical about something this nonsensical that Farhad has done. HAQQQQ!!!

I find it funny that the moment someone tries to talk to Farhad, he starts to run away. I think he should’ve straight away gone to his house & locked himself up because no one would’ve bothered him there but oh, just when I thought of this, I was reminded of his father. Obviously, after 2 – 3 weeks of pappiyan & jhappiyan he will start nagging Farhad to move his muscles, go out & earn some money to make a decent living & our nawab Farhad doesn’t want that. Therefore for him, Mazaar & free ki biryani would do!

Looking Forward To Supernatural Action Next Week

The preview of the next episode promised a bit more of a supernatural action with Farhad touching the black bead & Mahi moving to its tune. I really wish the director had at least used some of the special effects to make it completely fantasy, it would’ve made this drama a lot more believable because right now, it is anything but that. Some of the scenes were choppy & others seemed out of the blue. This episode just didn’t work for me & oh well, next week I am dreading a bucket full of tears coming from a lady clad in laal kaffan, oh so dramaticccc!!! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

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  • Top review Zahra. After watching many disappointing episodes, I’ve only concluded that the temple scenes in Naagin (indian drama) made more sense then the Dargah scenes.

    P.S: Loved the cold war between Jageerdarni g and Mahi’s mother, the whole awkward situation was excellently depicted in last episode as well in a soap drama style.

    • Lol thank you Sarmad, though I haven’t watched Naagin but I trust you completely. I am sure you have a solid reason to rate it better. The mazaar scenes are so problematic & ridiculous…can’t take it seriously. I am amused that Hashim Nadeem reduced spirituality to a heartbreak followed by camping at a Mazaar!

      Jagirdarni has all the right to give a silent treatment to Mahi’s family but yes her behavior with Mahi is wrong. Overall disappointed with KAM3.

  • OMG Zahra LOVED the review😭😭 I have always loved your sarcastic reviews and this one was a classic Zahra review. It’s been 21 episodes and I can tell whatever happened in these 21 episodes in just 3 lines. Slower than a turtle!

    • Hahah thank you so much PP for your fun comment. Good to hear from you, it’s been a while. :D Haan jee, appka comparison bilkul theek hai, is race mai to turtle hi jeetega. :D

  • Mera nai Khyaal ka Majzoob na is Episode main koi aesi funny baat ki hai.. He said fair and rationale things… Which are also explained by our Religion too… Like he gave the example of Good and Bad wolf inside a human… Which is quite right ….. Baaki I agree with you that Story aur plot itna Acha address nahi hua… Also it’s quite slow…. Due to directional mistakes…. But ye kehna this whole concept doesn’t make sense it’s quite wrong…. It’s all about sufism … Which has his own language and fantasy… Pakistan ki awaam na flirty type sterio-typical Dramas aur love stories se agay kuch Sufism aur spirituality ko parha dekha ho to unhain… Ye cheezain samjh main aayen… Hashim Saab ka famous Novel Abdullah same Sufism ki theme pa hai… People loved it… Still waiting for it’s part 3… Why make fun of sufism shown in KAM 3 … πŸ˜ƒπŸ™

    • I respect your opinion Asad. Waqay hi, jinhain knowledge ho unhain hi spirituality ki samajh ati hai lekin unfortunately & sadly, is drama mai spirituality hi to nahi hai. :) Yehi wajah hai ke Alif aur Khuda Aur Mohabbat 1 & 2 logon ko itnay pasand aye the kyunki us mai spirituality sahi se elaborate ki gai thi. Yahan to bas sirf ye bataya ja raha hai ke aik majnu ke pass itni takat hai ke wo apni aik bad-dua se kisi aik ki nahi, balkay darjanon logon ki zindagi tabbah kar de, aur majnu bhi wo jisay apne waldain ke huqooq ka hi koi andaza na ho, aur aik larki ke saaf saaf inkaar ke bawajood usay ye samajh na aa rahi ho ke uski hadh kahan hai.

      Aggar KAM3 ko aik fantasy ke taur pe dikhaya jata to jaisay meinne kaha, is drama ko bohat pasand kiya ja sakta tha lekin masla ye hai ke ye sachai pe mabni kahani banai hui hai lekin is mai kuch realistic hai hi nahi.

      • Dear Zahra… first a fall clear your concept …
        Topic of Khuda Aur Mohabbat novel is not sufism and true spirituality it’s on the controversy of Love and religion… KAM 3 is based on actual theme of Sufism and spirituality… Aesi sab stories Hypothetical aur fantasy based hi Hoti…
        Aapke Khyaal main Hammad aur Emaan jaisi log real world main Exist kartay…? KAM3 ki theme strong hai … Actual sufism Hota bhi aesa hi hai… Obcession and madness is it’s base… Writer hasn’t said it’s realistic story… Farhaad ka love immature hai… He doesn’t know actually what the love is… He is going through learning phase.. self realization… Yes I agree Director se KAM 3 mismanage hua hai… He focused least on Farhads character and it’s description… Has made directional mistakes that’s it.. Which makes serial boring and less convincing as compare to previous seasons… But it doesn’t means one should mock This whole concept of sufism… It’s wrong… Sufism is the branch of religious science… Otherwise aapke country main na Durghaaen Hoti aur na hai Majzoob paaye jaatay …

        • Thank you for saying ke Farhad ka love Immature hai. To bas phir baat yahin pe khatam ho jati hai ke is immature love karne walay ko waisay hi dikhatay. Usay jo aik Azeem ush Shaan hasti bana diya gaya hai bina kisi matlab ke, wo bhi aisi ke jo us se milta hai uska garweeda ho jata hai, yahi main issue hai mera is drama ke saath. Farhad ko jo wo hai waisa hi dikhaya jata aur Mahi bechari ko bakhsh diya jata as us bechari ki asal mai koi ghalti nahi hai. Mai appse sufisim aur spirituality ki behas mai nahi parhoongi. Mai sirf characters aur unki story pe baat kar rahi hoon, jo ke bohat hi mediocre hai. Aur jo ye forcefulness hai ke jee hum sab bhi Farhad ko utna hi azeem dekhain jitna usay dikhaya gaya hai to ye ziyadti hai. Har aik ko nazar aa raha hai ke wo asal mai kya hai, bas masla ye hai ke kafi ziyada log us se obsessed nahi hain, aur un mai se aik mai bhi hoon. :D

    • PLEASE! I don’t know why did Hashim Nadeem himself compared KAM3 with Abdullah but for the love of God, STOP THIS ABOMINATION!!! KAM3 Abdullah k paas se bhi nahi guzarta

  • Wesay yahi Dislike ka button you tube pa bhi hai… Har episode pa hota… Jaayen us pa click Karen
    … Takay Producers aur Channel walon ko pata chalay ka Hamaray sar ka opper se drama guzar raha hai… We are not getting it… Wahan har episode pa 400+ likes aur 20 + million views kahan se aatay phir… Meray comment ko dislike karnay se kuch nai honay Wala… πŸ€£πŸ™

  • Pathetic review. You either praise endlessly or write such reviews. There’s a middle ground maybe you should try it. Drama isn’t so bad. How’d you feel if someone makes fun of your reviews like this? Shame on you. Don’t like it, don’t watch it or present a critique worth reading.

    • Exactly finally someone spoken for this un Neccassirly Criticism… Writer na itna bara gunnah to nai kia… Yaan koi Khilaaf e fitrat Baat dikha di… Aapke mulk main years se sufism practise ho rahi… Aur poori duniya main Hoti… Sufism ko redicule Karna… Sirf is Waja se ka… Apko zero knowledge hai regarding sufism… Haan drama slow zaroor hai aur kuch directional mistakes Hain… Aap logon ko nai acha lag raha… Jaayen Dislike Karen…. Ye episode bhi trend Kar rahi you tube pa… Why? Majority Audience ab bhi drama dekh rahi… πŸ˜ƒ

  • Drama ka naam hae khuda aur mohabbat. Ye kon si muhabbat hae jis mein farhad ko maa ki koi parwa nahi. Khuda to khud kehta hae ke mein maa se sattar guna syada mujabbat karta hon is drama me maa ka koi namm he nahi farhad ko apni maa ki yaad tak nahi aati. Drama ke naam mein aur story mein bohut fark hae is ko dekhna waqt ka ziya hae. Agar ye dekhana cha rahy hae ke darbar pe betny se allah razi ho jata hae aisa kuch bhi nahi hae jaennamaz pe bhetne se rab razi hota hae darbar pe fakir banny se nahi.

    • Thank you so much Hamna for saying this. Appki baat bilkul theek hai. Is drama mai kuch ajeeb hi concepts promote kiye gaye hain, shayad isi liye na chahtay hue bhi is drama mai sirf buraiyan hi nazar aa rahi hain.

  • Worst season of KAM.. season 1 hee acha tha baqi tou paisey kamaana ka trend hai season 3.. hey, Zahra, have you watched Netflix’s German series DARK? Honestly, there is nothing like that on OTT.. aur hum idher pyar, bad dua, ishaq sey nikalney ka naam hee nahin ley rahey.

    • Waqay hi, season 1 ki kya hi baat thi. Nahi, I have not watched Dark, Pakistani content dekhne mai hi time nikal jata hai. I have missed out on so many Korean dramas too, need to start them, takay kuch break mile. :) I will check your recommendation out too. :)

  • Read the comments and just wanted to say that don’t take them serious. I got attacked by the leads’ stans on twitter for stating the obvious. In ka yehi kaam hai.

    • Haha thank you PP, trust me I don’t. Abb to adat si ho gai hui hai. :D Thank you so much for your kindness. :)