Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 23 Story Review – Stagnant

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 had the exact same pattern as the previous episode. It started off with the sermon of Dervish at the Mazaar, followed by similar happenings at Sikandar’s place, a scene reminding that Romana is still relevant, a scene of Mahi’s parents with the camera overly zoomed into their faces to capture their teary eyes. However, it fortunately ended on a good note where at least someone acknowledged that Mahi was being treated unfairly.

Someone Spoke For Mahi

I will definitely give a lot of credit to Dervish for giving Jageerdarni a different perspective, because as the preview suggested it definitely is going to work & she will have a change of heart. Dervish’s meeting with her & saying things that needed to be said was the only ‘new’ scene in this episode because apart from that everything has been pretty repetitive. At this point, after 23 episodes, all I see is how the drama makers have tried to justify & focus on the Mohabbat aspect of the title, but when it comes to Khuda, not as much!

I am glad Rida took a stand for Mahi & before leaving she proved that she was her friend as she could not see Mahi being treated unfairly. Mahi has accepted everything without any complaints & this selflessness stems from the guilt she has been feeling all this while. At least Rida tried to talk her out of this feeling but because Mahi is confined in such a dark place, both mentally as well as physically, no one can help unless Mahi allows that!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 23 Story Review - Stagnant

In this episode, Farhad looked a little sharp & there was a sudden change in his look. I feel his look till the previous episode went well with his condition & frame of mind but in this episode maybe because the makeup artists & stylists knew he was paying a visit to Mahi’s house, they gave him a makeover. It is amusing that although the story is centered around Farhad, he happens to be the only character who now looks like a shadow. The imbalance in the coverage & treatment of this character is pretty obvious at this stage of the drama. In the initial episodes, even a random stranger who crossed paths with Farhad became obsessed with him but now although he is kind of in seclusion, he is nowhere to be seen. No one knows what he is feeling, what are his thoughts? I think a scene or two showing his self-reflection was definitely required but maybe those scenes were never written in the first place. I am not sure what to think or feel about a central character who barely has spoken anything since the last 6 – 7 episodes maybe? The director definitely took an extreme approach in dealing with this character but sadly, in both cases, he hasn’t been able to give the audience an insight into what his character actually is like.

Oh yes, Romana is still relevant to the story, what a relief I must say. She looked stunning I must say but apart from that, there was nothing new that she said or did. Once again, I think the director was so focused on making Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 & each of its scenes look so ‘pretty’ that he forgot to focus on the characters & making sure that he should extract the personalities given to them.

Repetitive & Monotonous

This episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 did not have much to offer. I will however say that I definitely liked the scene where Dervish came to Taimoor’s house & said the things he wanted to. I am still trying to figure out how he found out that Farhad is in love with the girl who now happens to be Jageerdarni’s daughter in law? I really want to know. Sadly, the preview of the next episode also didn’t seem promising & looks like we’ll have to watch a few repetitive scenes again. The only difference would be in Jageerdarni’s attitude towards Mahi where she will become more accepting towards her bahu. Romana will once again come to praise Farhad for the things she too has miraculously seen in him which I am still wondering about.

I think Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 should have had a total of 21-22 episodes (just like Alif), with a different pacing & a lot more focus on the characters & their tracks, instead of the focus on glamour & commercialism. It would’ve definitely changed a lot of things. I also find the background music & soundtracks quite burdensome, it is like they mentally drain you while you are watching the episode without even listening to them consciously. Meherbano acted brilliantly in this episode & I will definitely say she acted as a relief in this episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

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  • Zahra Ji,

    You have said it all.
    I haven’t watched the first 2 seasons of Khuda Aur Mohabbat. Yes, season 3 is dragging and is looped in repeatitive mode. But still, just like many viewers, and these are in millions, I got mesmerised with season 3.
    There is this magical feeling, while one watches this drama…. there is something which is keeping us all hooked, I find it difficult to explain…. hopefully I am not alone, and there are many experiencing this. Othewise, I have stopped watching or rejected so many dramas in between and certainly I do not regret this….. “Khuda Aur Mohabbat seaon 3 Ki Baat Hi Kuch Aur Hai, Lekin Usay Phechan Nahi Paa Rahey.”

    Unfortunately, all of us did not get a chance to read your reviews on Raqeeb Se and Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahin. This idea of restricting reviews to only 4 dramas, as decided by the management of Reviewit, has to change.

    I have always enjoyed your writing….. keep going, reviewing certainly is a very difficult task, and I sincerely mean it.

    Thank You and Regards,

    • Hi Ketan, so good to hear from you, it’s been a while. How have you been? :) Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I am glad that you are enjoying this drama. Usually, for a lot of viewers, the elements of mystic & fantasy make a drama special & appealing, therefore I completely understand why you are enjoying watching it. However, when it comes to reviews, there should be a bit of substance giving enough content to discuss, which unfortunately isn’t happening in this drama, hence the criticism. :)

      Yes, Fatima intended to review both Raqeeb Se & Dil Na Umeed To Nahi but unfortunately couldn’t because we are restricted to 2 reviews per week. Hope to have some discussions with you in the future on the dramas that you might find appealing. :)

  • Yes Zahra I totally agree here with you… Director has put drama into repetitive loops since few episodes… These episodes would be more promising if Director has shown the reflection of Farhads perspective and thoughts here… These episodes would be more enjoyable if Director would have focused more on Farhads Character development and gradual change in his personality as compare to just showing Mahi and Taimoor Family politics…. I don’t know Why Writer Hashim Nadeem has written like this… In his novels the 90% focus is always on lead protagonist always… What he thinks? What he speaks? What are his ideas in such condition?
    As seen in previous seasons… Which shows the depth of lead character…
    That’s why Hashim Nadeem stories are most interesting when you read in form of novel… When those come to screen they loss some what their charm due loss of medium of Self description of lead character… Any how let’s see How this story unfolds further… It would interesting when Farhaad would take Darvaish get up and Mahi would meet her…

    • Thank you Asad for sharing your thoughts. I agree a lot of details get missed in dramatization which usually in novels add so much depth & are necessary to understand & develop a connection with the characters. I am glad you got my point about Farhad. There has been absolutely no focus on him therefore it is hard to even understand or see him as the director wants us to. There has been so much focus on nominal stuff which has literally killed the charm of this drama.

  • A glamorous drama with no attractive story.
    Farhad is in deep love of Mahi without any reason. The only reason reason of love was Mahi’s offer of friendship which is common in local Pakistani marriages. Mahi wasn’t in love of Farhad but she is in great regret for what which was a normal thing. She told him clearly in her car in the way of university that she didn’t love him but he was such a “chipku” person
    Character of Farhad is a black spot over all “Aashiqs” after “Bad duaen” to Mahi in last meeting.
    Itni bad duaen suchay Aashiq nahi dete aur itni bad duaen dene k bad bhi wo mazloom bna betha he.
    Pathetic story …..

    • I totally agree with you Mrs. Sohail. It is so unfortunate that in this drama, a loser aashiq is being glorified & is shown as the most perfect person who Mahi shouldn’t have wronged. Aisay larkon ko larkiyan apne cousins se 2 3 dafa pitwa ke bhaga deti hain, this is exactly how I perceive Farhad but sadly, in this drama he is the perfect character whereas Mahi who was in the right all along is made to feel guilty for the things she wasn’t even responsible for. Really sad!

  • I am also regretting like Mahi for following this drama ,ma dekh pa rahi hon na chor pa raho hon 😂. I am thinking to watch season 2 to bring back my feelings how I liked the story and main characters.

  • Central idea of khuda aur muhabbat is that piyar kahi bh kisi k saath bh hojata he,….achanak sy hath mila dene sy even k rasty me kisi k sath safar krty hue bh…. Ajeeb story he i couldn’t find anything refreshing, new or even worth of watching this drama… But such dramas are getting all the views and dramas that are providing substance and strong story has lesser views….. I wonder when will we start acknowledging the good substance and story instead of the star cast involved…. I have alot of respect for feroz khan as he is outstanding and humble person…. But all his dramas are absurd I guess with no substance yet they garner alot of views since feroz is associated with the drama.. … Your review is also on point and I agreed to almost of things as well. I don’t watch this drama anymore after initial some episodes but I still can agree to the points that you have raised…. I would like to have your opinion about my views on feroz starred dramas and their irreasonable popularity such as khaani and ishqiya

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