Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 29 Story Review – The Meet Up

Ohkay so, this was a pretty straightforward episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, with a lot of conversations happening between the characters. Things finally seem to be moving a bit in the story but as much as I’d like it to, I don’t really see it ending anytime soon. For a drama touching the 30th episode mark, it won’t be wrong to say that nothing substantial has happened in it for weeks & weeks now!

Mahi’s Decisions

One of the important conversations happened between Farhad & Dervish were about how he should give himself up for the bigger purpose in life. Farhad so far hasn’t understood what Dervish is trying to tell him but slowly & steadily, he will realize that. At times, it does look a bit confusing as well because Dervish himself doesn’t let him forget about the love he has for Mahi & wants him to remember the kind of intense emotions he has felt for her. On one hand, one can think that the Dervish wants to see Mahi & Farhad together but on the other, he wants Farhad to be free from the world around him.

Mahi’s mother let Nazim Shah know about Sikandar’s proposal. The moment I heard Nazim & Kazim speak about Sikandar’s stature & power in the area, I knew they’d be happy with this settlement because it brings them a lot of benefits & the promo suggested just that. It is sad that Mahi who now started feeling like she had some sort of control over her own life will be forced to take a decision against her will. Although lovingly but in the end, even she will know that she doesn’t have an option of saying no. Even if Mahi doesn’t get to be with Farhad, but if she doesn’t want to get married to Sikandar, I really wish she says that because the Mahi that we have seen so far is the one who does what she wants to!

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 29 Story Review - The Meet Up

So, Mahi & Farhad finally met after half the drama went by, their conversation was long & detailed with Mahi telling him everything that she wanted him to. Farhad was still stuck on the same page but I was glad when I heard him holding himself accountable for the bad-duas. However, I couldn’t really understand the overall attitude of Farhad where he seemed a bit too stern & cold, then all of a sudden went into a victim mode. Mahi’s attitude was pretty much the same where she just requested him & wanted him to stop wasting his life just like that. Mahi genuinely wants Farhad to snap out of this misery. The whole Taveez nahi pehnoongi seemed a bit of stretch, which obviously is going to result in their next meeting, so it’s understandable.

Good Performances

This episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 did move things forward & yes, it ended on an important note with Sahiba asking Mahi the question she has been avoiding for months now – is she in love with Farhad too? Sahiba has been convinced about it since day one but when it comes to Mahi, she will now be forced to think about it. Iqra Aziz & Feroze Khan acted brilliantly in this episode, however, I wish the director had at least given Feroze Khan a bit more clarity during the Mahi-Farhad meet-up scene. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

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  • سکندر، فرہاد سے۔۔۔۔ تم دوںارہ رومانہ سے ملے؟

    !فرہاد: نہیں

    اگر تم سے ملے تو بتانا۔ کیونکہ اس ڈرامے کی ساری عورتیں تم پر مرتی ہیں۔۔۔۔ وہ بھی آئے گی تمہاری پاس۔

      • Hahahahaha… Waisay soch ker bhee hansee aarahee hai agar is tarah aik doosray k baal nochtee kesee lagain gee … 😂😂. “Hum ap ki zulf ko daraz karney ki jurat karsaktee hain agar ap ne hamaray Farhad ka naam dobara apney laboan se nikalney napak jurat ki to…..”

        Lekin Hashim Nadeem ne samajhdari ka subut diya aur her family se sirf aik doshiza ko mutasireen e Farhad main shamil farmaya… From Lahore, Bahawapur and Multan!

  • Me ne 22 episodes se daika nahi because story me koi flow nahi bus shoro hojata hai man jhoom jhoom tan jhoom…
    Aur agar ye faqeer sahab itne hi allah k qareeb hai aur itne knowledge hai un k pass future predictions bi hai to Farhad ko apne parents k bare me q nahi batata
    Most illogical serial in the history of our drama industry 😤😤

    • Ye tan jhoom jhoom man jhoom jhoom to mujhe bhi bohat bother karta hai. Bas, Dervish ko abhi khud hi nahi samajh aa rahi ke Farhad aur Mahi ko milwana hai ya Farhad aur Mahi ko aik dusre ko bhulwana hai!

  • I think the scripts are trying to hard to follow some script in emotions, rather than natural and this is apparent with some cheesy dialogue at times.

    I agree that Mahi should be able to say no.. Even Sikander should have the bottle to do that especially as a landlord.. Lol.. Farhad well probably achieve sainthood and his Dua will allow Romana and Sikander to get together… That’s my prediction for the future.. Lol

    Your reviews are still good.. Good sense of humour and sarcasm,

    • Thank you for reading & commenting. :) Yes, you never know, maybe Sikandar & Romana will end up together but since she has vowed to never return, not sure if that’s ever going to happen. :)

  • Always enjoyed your reviews Zahra.

    I laughed a little at that “main yeh taweez nahi pehnogi until you dont agree to my demand” LOL what? That’s not a great leverage.

    Bhabhi is a big fangirl of Farhad-Mahi, she has been trying to make Mahi realize of her feelings for so long. might accomplish it next week.

    I am waiting for Farhad as Darvesh phase, I want to see if he is going to start getting “know it all’ epiphanies like the current one.


    • Hi there, long time no see. So good to hear from you, it’s been a while. Hope you have been well. :) Thank you for reading the review & sharing your insight. Yes, Sahiba’s mission will be accomplished, something that she was hired to do right from the beginning. :D Yes, that’ll most certainly be interesting to see the kind of dervish Farhad will become. ;)

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