Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 05 Review – Simply Beautiful!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was beautiful because it depicted the emotion of love & the state of being in love perfectly. It actually gives the viewers an immense pleasure to be experiencing such a beautiful journey of love & what makes it even better is the character of Hammad!

I am so glad that Hammad is getting all the coverage & he is literally running the show now. Hammad is different from his family & not only different, he is better than his family members too because he treats everyone equally, doesn’t judge people on the basis of how much material they have gathered in their lives. Hammad just is a very simple minded person who deems every other person worthy of respect & love & this is what makes him wrong in front of his family because they can not come to his level & understand his mentality as they are so self-absorbed & conceited!

Hammad finally got to see Imaan up close & he couldn’t understand what took him over that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Hammad was already in love with Imaan but this little interaction sealed the deal, it made him yearn for her even more. Even though that interaction lasted for a few seconds, Hammad then couldn’t gather his thoughts because he was madly in love with her. The beauty of this entire scenario is the fact that Hammad wants to give this relationship a meaning, he wants to give his feelings for Imaan a name, he is absolutely convinced that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, that is why he can’t stop thinking about the ways of making it possible. Hammad got a chance to give Imaan, Abdullah & Haya a ride to their home on the way back from Nighat’s engagement ceremony & he couldn’t take his eyes off her, because he was unsure of when he will get such a chance again.

Just because Hammad’s restlessness got the better of him, he decided to bring Nighat on board as he knew that she was the only one who could help him. I will say that this entire episode was filled with quite a lot of amazing scenes & scenarios, but this one was my favorite as Hammad & Nighat actually looked like partners in crime who were trying to figure out a way of accomplishing their mission. There was actually something very sweet about the entire conversation that took place between Hammad & Nighat. When Nighat told Hammad that every single family around them has approached Imaan for the marriage, it reinforced the notion in Hammad’s mind that Imaan truly was very very special & he couldn’t wait to bring her into his life!

Where this episode introduced Hammad’s budding feelings for Imaan, it also shed a light on two major obstacles that Hammad will have to overcome in order to be with Imaan. First was his family, who couldn’t even stand the idea of Hammad spending too much time with Shakir, so how would they allow Hammad to fall in love with a girl like Imaan who doesn’t fit the bill of their idea of a perfect life partner for him. Another obstacle would be Molvi Aleemuddin, because for the first time it showed how rigid he could get, where he didn’t even fancy the idea of his daughters attending upcoming wedding functions of their best friend, just because they got a little late in coming back from the engagement ceremony. I loved the goofy smile that Hammad had on his face while looking at Molvi Aleemuddin, because it showed that he must be looking at him with a reference to Imaan, thinking that he will soon enough become his father in law, it was actually quite cute. Another sweetest interaction that happened was between Hammad & Shakir, where Shakir was concerned that Nighat might have demanded something from Hammad, which he most certainly shouldn’t fulfill. It is actually quite appeasing to see that despite knowing the lengths Hammad can go to for his family, Shakir doesn’t even think of taking advantage of it, it is something very sweet!

So, Hammad got the news that Nighat succeeded in arranging Hammad’s meeting with Imaan, which I am actually looking forward to. This episode was amazing to watch & what I am liking the most about this season is that everything is in detail, which makes it easier for the viewers to connect with the characters & understand them even more. Imran Abbas has made Hammad a little more special with his perfect portrayal, I have always felt that if there is one actor who can convey the emotion of love to the T, it is Imran Abbas. Sadia Khan has improved a lot & she is making Imaan’s character even more beautiful. I must say the supporting actors have done a brilliant job too & they all seemed to have owned their characters as well. Even though in the previous episodes, I wasn’t feeling the character of Nighat because of the actress who is playing it in this season, however this episode completely changed my opinion about her & I feel she is doing a perfect job as Nighat. Also, I really like how in such a limited screen time, the director has shown how Abdullah makes the most of the situation by helping Imaan every chance he gets, it’s like he actually enjoys doing things for Imaan without her having any idea about it, which is actually quite sweet too. The direction of this drama is beautiful & even though I do have an issue with the lyrics of the OST, I loved how it was used throughout this episode, that too at the right time because it just added more charm to the situations that were being covered. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

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