Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 08 – Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Episode!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was absolutely amazing. I am in love with this drama & honestly speaking, with each passing episode, I am getting more & more convinced that this season is definitely bigger & better than the season 01. Quite honestly, when this season began, I finished watching the 1st season may be 2 days ago, that is why initially, like all those viewers who were a fan of the previous season, I was also a bit skeptical & wasn’t feeling this season, but now I’m totally convinced because there are such small little details that tell me that the director of this season had more understanding & more grip on the story & I thank him for directing Khuda Aur Mohabbat so beautifully. It has also become one of my favorite dramas of the season & I am really happy that I am getting to watch a drama like this!

This episode showed us Hammad’s sufferings & his journey in a detailed manner. Hammad chose not to budge & he chose to put forth his stand in front of his family, that is why he is going through so much only to prove a point not only to anyone else, but to himself. Everything that Hammad is doing is like he is punishing himself for the life he was given in a platter. Hammad is furious, disappointed & depressed because he knows that no matter what he is going to do, his father’s name is always going to stay associated with him. It was quite touching to see how hard Hammad was trying to pick up the pieces while still wanting to stay shattered because he has given up on everything except his love for Imaan!

Honestly speaking, till the very last episode of the previous season, I couldn’t bring myself to understand or feel that Molvi Aleemuddin was equally responsible for everything that Hammad & Imaan went through, because somehow I feel his ego was downplayed by the director as he didn’t want to put a cleric in a negative light, but this is something that didn’t happen in this season. What I liked about the director’s approach in this season is, that without showing Molvi Aleemuddin as a negative character, very convincingly yet subtly he brought out the ego that resided in Molvi Aleemuddin’s heart too. Everything that Hammad said to Molvi Aleemuddin was spot on because yes, while Hammad was still fighting the ego of Amjad Raza, he got to know that there was another obstacle that was standing in his way & it was the ego of Molvi Aleemuddin too. It was actually quite interesting to see how the director brought Amjad Raza & Molvi Aleemuddin on the same pedestal, just because of their egos. Amjad Raza & Aleemuddin might be very different from each other in every single aspect, but they both are similar in one thing & that is their ego. While Amjad Raza judges people on the basis of what they have earned in life, Molvi Aleemuddin judges people on the basis of how much they pray. Where Amjad Raza judges people on the basis of how much material they have, Molvi Aleemuddin judges people on the basis of how much understanding they have when it comes to religion.

Hammad thought that he had spent enough time in forming an identity of his own, that is why he chose to approach Molvi Aleemuddin, to apologize to him for everything that his family put him through & to also plead his love for Imaan in front of him but he got to know that Molvi Aleemuddin chose to shut the doors of his home on Hammad because he was a bit too worried about what the people around him will say. Hammad got to know about all the objections Molvi Aleemuddin had about his family but he didn’t have even a single objection personally related to Hammad. It was actually quite heart-breaking to see Hammad feeling devastated after finding out that even after running away from his family & their shadows, he was still being judged on the basis of the family background he had, on the basis of the life he has lived in the past & on the basis of what his family used to do.

It was good to see that Abdullah chose to give Hammad a chance to meet Molvi Aleemuddin, it was like literally he had to curb his feelings for Imaan aside, while still being fearful of the fact that may be Molvi Aleemuddin will accept Hammad’s apology & he might agree to his & Imaan’s marriage, but Abdullah gave Hammad a chance & allowed him to say what he wanted to. Even though Abdullah has remained in the background, but his character is quite impactful even after getting such a limited coverage, which is amazing!

I just love Hammad’s interactions with Shakir & his family. It is actually quite good to see that there are a few people who love Hammad for who he is & not because of who he was. Shakir actually felt bad for Hammad & so did Nighat, that is why Nighat chose to tell Imaan sternly about all the sufferings that Hammad was going through just because he fell in love with her. Hammad sent the token of Imaan’s remembrance to her back, in a hope that may be one day, after realizing the purity of his love & intentions, she herself will hand it over to him. I really liked the interactions of Hammad & Ghafoor too, it is actually quite beautiful that Hammad’s personality has so much of attraction & his persona has so much of honesty & niceness that anyone who interacts with him forms an emotional connection & develops an emotional attachment with him. Ghafoor actually feels bad for Hammad as he knows that he doesn’t belong here & he knows that he is only trying to punish himself for something he is not even responsible for, that is why he always treats Hammad with kindness & does some gestures for him as he knows that Hammad is suffering emotionally.

It was actually quite good to see that the life-changing conversation was made a part of this episode. Hammad came across a passenger who made him familiar with the idea of praying, who was the first person to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him about how important it was to introduce the act of Worship in your life. What was even more special about that conversation was that the passenger started off by discussing his own weaknesses & that was something that touched Hammad because he didn’t come across as someone who said he didn’t make mistakes or wasn’t weak or had faults. What a beautiful way of attracting someone to something even more beautiful, without coming across as complacent & perfect!

Overall, this episode was beautiful, it was so engaging that I even didn’t realize where the time had gone when the episode ended. I am so happy with the pace of the drama, it’s like they are still showing us what we have seen before, in a lot of detail while still being cautious of not making it too detailed for the viewers to feel bored. The chemistry & the connection between all the characters have been established & portrayed perfectly by all the actors. I guess there is not even a single actor who hasn’t done justice to the role that was assigned to them. I love the coverage all the good characters are getting, everything is just brilliant about Khuda Aur Mohabbat. It was a treat to see Rambo, Humayun Ashraf & Firdous Jamal in this episode. Also the actor playing the character of Shakir is doing such a brilliant job, he always brings so much of warmth in his scenes, which is just so beautiful. Sadia Khan has played her part really well & now coming to the hero of the drama, Imran Abbas, my my, what a beautiful portrayal of Hammad’s character. Imran Abbas has once again given Hammad’s character his heart & soul & it is so evident. It is definitely Imran Abbas who is taking the level of this drama a couple of notches higher with his phenomenal acting, so thank you Imran Abbas. I can’t wait to see the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful beautiful beautiful episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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