Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 22 Review – Weak Episode!

Ohkay so, let me be completely honest with you guys, in my opinion, only the last 10 minutes of this episode were worth watching because the drama-makers developed an interesting link between the past & the present once again but the rest of the episode despite having some drama & developments was boring to say the least. This was probably the first episode where I couldn’t take eyes off my cellphone because it failed to grab my interest & I actually couldn’t wait for the episode to get over. It actually breaks my heart that the drama that I was so emotionally invested in for the first half has reduced to this level where after this episode, I am dreading the fact that the ending is going to be so rushed that it might leave me asking for more. The direction, the editing & the overall scenarios in this episode were so so so weak that every single time I saw the flashbacks I couldn’t stop thinking about the excellence this drama & its team touched in the initial phase of the story. I feel if the director decided to end this drama in the decent number of episodes, then he could’ve established the story in such a way where he could’ve taken us to a closure in a more intelligent manner but seems like he focused more on Isaac that he forgot to worry about all the other things that actually mattered. Anyways, let’s hope that they give us a magical last episode next week because in the 2nd last episode tonight, only a few ending scenes worked for me & that too is all thanks to Hammad & Sarah because they are the only saving grace of the second phase of the story!

So, I had zero idea that the policemen in the USA could arrest people while driving their personal cars & while dressed in formal suits after returning from their best friend’s wedding. The entire scenario after that didn’t spark any interest even though what they showed wasn’t out of the line because they had already made a point about how Isaac made sure that the police kept on tailing Hammad & kept a check on him but somehow the way it was executed was unappealing!

I actually really liked how Sarah stood up for herself & gave her father a reality check because he most certainly needed one. I find it actually quite amusing that Isaac who has a problem with Hammad just because he is a Muslim has no issues in getting Sarah forcefully married to Zeeshan who also is a Muslim, at least by name. I think it would’ve made much more sense if they had changed Zeeshan’s name to Zack or Zackery to imply that Isaac himself chose Christianity & wanted to make sure that his daughter stayed on that path too by marrying one as well because he obviously raised her as a Non-Muslim anyways. I feel just by showing Isaac as a Muslim Islamophobe, they have literally ruined the essence of the story & because of that, nothing that Isaac says or does make any sense whatsoever. The director thought that showing the flashbacks of Molvi Aleemuddin to establish the similarities between Isaac & him was a good idea but to be honest, it made Isaac stick out like a sore thumb a lot more because at least back then, Molvi Aleemuddin had a reason to oppose Hammad as he was not only insulted but his daughter was blamed for trapping Hammad too. On the other hand, to put Aleemuddin & Isaac on the same pedestal most certainly didn’t work because Isaac actually looks like a delusional person who just harbored grudges against Hammad because he had an attention span of a poodle & probably had minus zero (-0) sensibility.

The only connection between the past & the present that actually worked for me was how they showed that Sarah was exactly facing what Hammad went through for the sake of his love. For Sarah, love is not the only point of concern, her main issue is defending her rights; right of not getting married to someone she doesn’t love, right of freely believing in the religion that sits well with her, right of standing up against her father who thinks he can dictate her & get away with anything. For Sarah, to take such a step is not only because she is defending her love for Hammad, but is also because she has to make her father realize about all of his wrongdoings. Sarah’s relation with Isaac was quite shaky but what made it hit the rock bottom was when Sarah found out the truth about Isaac being the one responsible for Hammad’s arrest. It was quite interesting to see how Sarah gave words to all her feelings & tried to knock some sense into her father’s head that Hammad was actually a good influence on her who taught her about all the important aspects of life, be it religion or holding onto her blood relations but sadly, since Isaac is empty headed, he chose to ignore all of that!

To be honest, another reason why I couldn’t bring myself to watch this episode with utmost attention was because of the unnecessary coverage that was given to Isaac & then Zeeshan, like I thought this ghunda was gone for good & was settled in New York but he came back with his chiseled beard & another level of annoying expressions to spoil the episode for us. I must say Zeeshan is quite bezti-proof that despite getting rejected so many times, he still persists on getting married to Sarah because his small ego can’t cope with the fact that she can choose someone else over him!

So, finally Sarah spilled the beans & confessed her feelings to Hammad but looks like Hammad couldn’t even think of anything of that sort. This is something that made me lose hope about getting the proper ending in the last episode as far as Sarah & Hammad are concerned because I thought the director would actually establish the fact that Hammad saw something in Sarah as well but I think in the last episode, since the director will have to give closure to so many things, this aspect will most certainly be compromised upon! I have a bad feeling that the last episode would also be dedicated to Isaac The Clove & his change of heart so because of that Hammad & Sarah will be put on the back seat. Also, the way they have shown that Isaac was cursing Hammad right till the end of this episode, I have a feeling that the sudden change in his behavior & mentality wouldn’t also sit well with the viewers in the last episode because the director should have showed this transition slowly but looks like it is going to be choppy & abrupt just like how the editing of the entire 2nd phase has been.

Anyways, even though I decided I won’t be commenting on this but the makeup enthusiast in me is not letting me stay quiet. The makeup artist, whoever he/she was, was not a friend of anyone because he made all of them look horrible. For some people, the base was too orange, for some, the blush-on was not on the cheeks but on the jawbone, for some, the under-eye highlight was too blinding & for someone, the foundation was a completely wrong shade. It seems by this stage, everyone was too excited for the final pack up that no one did their jobs with utmost interest & concentration. Also, I found it amusing that everyone in this episode was standing, either on the footpath, on the road or outside their homes & there was zero continuity between the scenes. Anyways, the confrontation between Sarah & Isaac & the way Sarah & Hammad’s life-changing moment was linked were the only few good aspects of this episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

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