Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 05!

Ohkay so, it was another decent episode of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai this week. I like watching this drama because it’s well paced & more than that it’s a decent watch on Thursdays. The story’s progressing smoothly which makes it easier to follow & look forward to next episode as well.

This episode revolved more around Zoya & her marriage proposals. Zoya sighs with relief because Junaid finally decides to bid his music career goodbye. Only because it happens to be his last concert, he wants that night to be memorable for both; himself & for Zoya which is why he asks her to be there to witness his last performance. As Zoya happens to be well aware of what this decision would cost & mean to Junaid, she respects his demand & decides to be there for him as she also wants to know what’s running through his mind but unfortunately she is spotted by Sanam. Junaid obviously makes sure that Zoya doesn’t have any doubts left which is why he makes sure she understands that she is just as important to him as he is to her & his music definitely means nothing to him in comparison to the life he has planned ahead with Zoya by his side. I found their conversation actually very sweet because they both love each other equally, even though Zoya has asked for so much more, Junaid is willing to do everything for her.

To be honest I am amazed that Khalida doesn’t seem to mind Zoya’s activities. Even when she questions her, Zoya tries to make excuses & starts reasoning with her. Not that Zoya isn’t doing something wrong but she isn’t doing something right either because she actually deceives her family every single time she plans a meeting with Junaid. I feel this is a mistake on Khalida’s part as well that she is so oblivious & doesn’t seem to care much about what Zoya’s usually upto, it’s like Khalida has pretty much stopped being bothered about her family & for the reasons best known to her. Yes, she does talk to them every now & lets them know the rules she is setting but then she isn’t in control of her family as much as she should be.

Like I predicted; Sanam is already on Zoya’s case as she wants her to get married to Adnan. Even though Moeez tried to talk her out of it I knew he will succumb to her pressurizing because he loves her to such an extent that he would never do anything against her wish or will. Just because Sanam’s father has already bribed her to help her with the boutique, she now has all the more reason to force Adnan into Zoya’s life.

I was surprised to see Junaid making his way into meeting Zoya’s family so early but then later what happened was actually kind of surprising. I knew that Moeez was kind of selfish but didn’t know his limit that he was ready to put Junaid down just because of Adnan. Moeez himself knows what sort of a person Adnan is but just because he happens to be Sanam’s brother; Moeez has stopped seeing his bad side & thinks he is suitable for Zoya. Yes, Junaid is a musician but the point is he loves Zoya & Zoya loves him, so when Moeez can get married to the one he loves, why can’t Zoya do that? I really thought Moeez would support his sister & he would be open-minded about Zoya liking someone but it wasn’t appeasing seeing him putting Sanam ahead of his own sister. I so wish Zoya stands for her rights & pressurizes her family like Moeez did when it came to Sanam but then Moeez only had to deal with his mother & he knew his ways but now sadly Zoya will have to put up with Moeez, Sanam & Khalida but I have a feeling that Khalida will do what Moeez will tell her to because she obviously favours him more than Zoya. Let’s see what happens ahead? Share your thoughts about this episode & tell me how much you want Zoya to stand up for herself?

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