Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 08 & 09!

The thing I like the most about this play is the perfect pace it has offered till date. I really like the way the story is being told & is progressing but I really hope they don’t invest a lot of time in showing Zoya’s ordeals & they keep on changing the tracks & the stories related to it. I think now when Zoya has gotten married, we all know she will have a tough time with Adnan being by her side but I really am not looking forward to the never-ending depression bouts of Zoya.

I really can’t understand why Khalida did this to her own daughter. Clearly both Akhtar & Khalida were sceptical when it came to this proposal but I so wish Akhtar had intervened. He has always stood up for his daughter but then I think the way Zoya showed submissiveness to Khalida’s decision, that took away the option Akhtar might’ve gotten & then he couldn’t do anything to save the day but still being a father he had every right to support his daughter & talk her out of making such a huge mistake of her life. Akhtar could see that Zoya wasn’t happy but the way he allowed her to go ahead with this marriage makes him look weak. Khalida thinks leaving what she does after how she has lied to Zoya is a compensation enough but that is definitely not the case. Khalida is living in a fool’s paradise to think that her decision won’t harm & haunt her for the rest of life especially after she will see Zoya suffering. I can see the curse of that heartbroken girl being materialized pretty soon because Khalida herself chose that path for her daughter.

I liked that Zoya gave a piece of her mind to Moeez. I definitely hate Moeez’s character & his nature especially because of the way he treats & uses Zoya as a puppet to make Sanam happy. He wasn’t bothered about what Zoya was going through but he was more worried about how Sanam would feel if Zoya didn’t show up. I so wish Zoya was as thick-skinned as him & as selfish as his brother because that way she could’ve saved herself from the hell she has gotten into. She actually proved that her family & especially her mother mattered to her the most which is why just so effortlessly she backed out of all the promises she had ever made to Junaid. I like Junaid for the fact that he wanted to try till the end. He didn’t give up because he actually loved her a lot but sadly, the luck wasn’t on his side.

Adnan is definitely the sort of a guy any parents wouldn’t want their daughter to get married to because he falls short on all accounts of decency. I really don’t understand when he wasn’t ready to change his lifestyle & he wasn’t ready to leave what he does, why he agreed on getting married? Going by what we know about him, Adnan is such a person who can never be pushed into doing something that he doesn’t like & clearly, the way he is pretty comfortable in his life shows that he wasn’t interested in getting committed so it seems out of the line of his character that he agreed to this marriage. I felt for Zoya a lot after how she attended Adnan when he showed up after they got married. Even though I was angry at what she did to herself, I felt for her as well because she was trying really hard to accept this marriage & Adnan wholeheartedly. I must say the subsequent scenes of the duo together were quite suggestive & they could’ve been skipped, in fact they should have been skipped because there was no point of elaborating all that. I must say the ease with which such scenes are shot & are made part of our dramas these days is actually quite shocking & alarming because no one wants to see such things & these scenes don’t take the story forward in any way.

Finally, Zoya has started to understand that Adnan is definitely not the husband she dreamed of because he is quite different to what she had imagined. I felt that the scene where Adnan speaks to his girlfriend right in front of Zoya was quite forced & unrealistic because no matter how cool he must be with whom he is, he wouldn’t want to shock his bride just like that. Sanam’s parents are equally bad too & no wonder why Adnan & Sanam turned out this way because they didn’t have perfect role models of parents to follow & look up to. Sanam’s father is a very practical man who only puts monetary benefits ahead of everything else & his wife doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

I so want to see Khalida & Moeez suffering because of Sanam but I so don’t want to see Zoya suffering which is unavoidable as Adnan is going to test her patience a lot. The drama has become interesting but I so wish the pace stays the same & things keep on rolling. Share your thoughts about this & the previous episode of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai please. :)

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