Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 12 & 13!

Well well well, the story of this drama is getting so depressing that it’s hard to watch it. Yes, what they are showing is reality but their approach is very unrealistic & then comes Sajjal Ali in the picture, I really want to know how come she never gets tired of getting manhandled so brutally in every other drama? I must commend her confidence & lack of sensitivity with which she allows all that to happen to herself. I know it’s only for the sake of a drama that she’s doing & also because it is a demand of most of the characters she plays but then, like really, isn’t she tired? As much as I feel for the character she is playing; Zoya, when it comes to Sajjal Ali, she is so off-putting & that’s a shame because she is such a good actor, but sadly, she is wasting her talent in such roles.

I must commend Khalida for being so inconsiderate. Even after Zoya told her clearly that Adnan drinks & mistreats her, it only took a single class from Sanam for Khalida to come back to her senses & later when Akhtar questioned about Zoya, Khalida straight away said Zoya should be left alone to deal with whatever she is facing because apparently, that’s how she will gel in her new home. Yes, Khalida is having depression pangs & she is feeling guilty but the way she has blinded herself from Zoya & her problems makes her the ultimate villain & in fact a bigger villain than Sanam.

Sanam is quite clever & so is her mother but I really don’t understand why do Khalida & Zoya both, fall prey to their trap? As far as I remember, Zoya was the logical one in that family, she would always reason with her mother & that being said, it was quite clear that when it comes to voicing out her thoughts & opinions, Zoya never held back, so what is stopping her now? Yes, she knows that her family wouldn’t jump to her rescue straight away but why can’t she be more precise in what she is going through? Khalida is definitely not on good terms with Sanam but why does she always run out of words in front of her? Zoya comes to meet her family but Sanam doesn’t let her stay there & Khalida doesn’t feel the need to jump in to stop Sanam from running things? It’s actually quite odd.

I liked the aspect of Zoya’s faith getting shattered. It made her look like any other human being who feels & goes through the same phase when they hit a rock bottom. Zoya has lost her faith & for that, Khalida should blame herself, as she is the one who has ruined Zoya’s life & if Zoya feels that way, no one can undo that because only she knows what she is going through.

I found the whole Talaaq & the cover up scenario completely baseless & unrealistic. Even though Zoya tells Khalida clearly that Adnan has divorced her, Khalida easily forgets it & tells Zoya that she has to live in this house till she dies? The way Adnan’s mother convinces Zoya that she didn’t get divorced was also unrealistic? Where does it happen these days? Zoya is well aware of her rights & like I said, she has always been the one who used to be logical, so why can’t she put two & two together? Someone divorces her, someone tells her the otherwise & she chooses to believe everything? Yes, she is mazloom & what not but now I feel the writer has flawed Zoya’s character & seeing Sajjal Ali play this role reminds me so much of Rameen of Chup Raho as well. I think playing a strong headed girl in the initial stages of the drama to later become a clueless miserable soul is Sajjal Ali’s forte & comfort zone & I hope to see her snapping out of it ASAP.

I am glad that Adnan finally divorced her clearly in front of everyone where Zoya wasn’t in such a state that someone would be able to delude her again. I am glad she got divorced when her mind was awake & she could register what was happening because now we’ll see an end to some sort of misery that has been inflicted on Zoya & oh, the whole scene of Zoya (read Sajjal Ali) lying on a bed after getting beaten up was so indecent, especially to see two uncles in the frame made it a lot more uncomfortable. I really hope Sajjal Ali does some self-policing when it comes to these sorts of scenes as they don’t really suit her at all. Share your thoughts please.

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