Khudgarz Episode 17 Review – So Far So Good!

Ohkay so, I enjoyed watching this episode like always but I am kind of sad that the double episode deal is over & they will be airing just one episode from now on, which by the way didn’t bring any change in the pace but still, I am used to watching 2 episodes per week.

Munwwar was doing everything to find Hassan but all in vain & sadly the one who ended up facing the brunt for it was Junaid. Munawwar obviously was concerned for his son Hassan but he also isn’t oblivious of his nature to know that he must be alright & he was doing all this to rip his family’s peace apart. I had a feeling that Munwwar was doing all of that with Junaid only to please Hassan, so that later when he comes back, he can proudly tell his son that the one he had a problem with is no longer with them & has lost his status as a family member!

It was sad that Junaid was terminated & I actually thought Munawwar will stop there but he actually seemed just so petty snatching away that job opportunity from Junaid. It is quite disgusting how Munawwar as a father treats other fathers-to-be; first Inayat & now Junaid. Ohkay, he took away Junaid’s job to please his psychotic son but literally to see him making sure that he doesn’t get another job was so sickening, I literally felt my blood boiling in that scene!

It was so nice to see Aairah & Junaid sticking together in this tough time. As I mentioned in the previous review, Junaid was farsighted & just because he stayed quiet & didn’t react to the way he was mistreated didn’t mean that he wasn’t aware of what could be in store for him, so that is why esecially after his marriage, he started planning ahead as he could see how Munawwar & Hassan were turning against Aairah.

It was too obvious right from the beginning that Abeer’s mother was hiding something from her & she eventually found out that her mother is not with her step father anymore. It is good that after living for so many years away from her mother, Abeer finally has her to herself. Seeing Abeer sitting in a car, tired & worried for her mother was a beautiful depiction of what life is all about; new set of challenges every now & then. Everything in Abeer’s life finally fell in its place but she was met with a new problem, which was finding out about her mother’s seperation. It was nice to see Raheel for a brief moment, I wish he had a bit more role to contribute to the story but still I like the to-the-point approach of the writer & director.

I was actually looking forward to some more scenes of Omar & Hassan but for now the focus of the story hasn’t shifted to them completely however, it was good that Omar found out more about Hassan & the fact that his family is looking for him. I like how Omar doesn’t react to Hassan & always has to something completely unexpected which even surprises Hassan, it is nice that Omar is dealing with Hassan so patiently & more so like a friend. I don’t think Aairah’s father would do much for his daughter because Aairah chose not to give him the edge. It was nice that even though Aairah is going through such a tough time, she chose not to rely on her father because she believes in dealing with her issues herself & now that she has Junaid by her side, she feels secured.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode of Khudgarz. Seeing the progress in Aairah’s pregnancy, I feel it was suggested that a few months have passed by & Hassan is still missing, so I would’ve liked if they had shown more of Omar & him to elaborate what changes Omar has brought in Hassan but I guess they will slowly take the story there. Loving this drama so far & can’t wait to see more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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