Kiran Tabeer’s Weight Loss Journey Will Shock You

Kiran Tabeer has worked in many dramas. She appeared in a morning show where she shared her weight loss journey. Kiran lost 32 kgs in total.

Kiran Tabeer's Weight Loss Journey Will Shock You

“When I got married I was 60kgs and within one year of marriage, I was 85kgs. My husband never called me fat because he was scared of my reaction,” Kiran shared.

Kiran Tabeer's Weight Loss Journey Will Shock You

Then she continued and shared how she gained weight, “I am Punjabi and we eat a lot. We eat heavy food. Another reason is, in the first year of marriage I didn’t work at all so I used to rest and eat all the time.”

Kiran talked about how she gathered motivation to loose weight and said, “losing weight is difficult but once you make your mind it’s not that difficult. I was trying to lose weight for 3 years but I couldn’t. Once my friend said to me that you can’t be an actor with this much weight and at that moment I decided to do it. It’s just when you decide. I believe the decision of losing weight shouldn’t be people. I want to look smart because it makes me happy.”

Kiran Tabeer's Weight Loss Journey Will Shock YouKiran shared her diet routine and said:

“I took fresh juices without sugar, salad (with boiled chicken, red kidney beans, carrot, cucumber, tomato) in the day time. In the evening time, I mostly take BBQ without roti and naan. You can take soup as well. Then I finally take a glass of milk because it’s important for bones. I didn’t go to any gym or exercise but the best thing I did was 15 minutes dance on a daily basis.”

Here’s Kiran’s complete journey of losing weight:


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  • Her routine for weight loss is very unhealthy. please DO NOT FOLLOW this routine. Removing carbs from diet for a long period of life causes wrinkles and weight loss at early age.

    Simple way to lose weight For people without hormonal problems: portion control, change bad carbs to good carbs, lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water, cut all fried foods, sweats, sugar, sugary drinks including sodas. Exercise for 1/2 to 1 hour daily.

    People with hormonal issues should consult their doctors to lose weight.

      • Best sweetener is Pure jaggery (Gur), pure honey or molasses for people without diabetes. All three are full of nutrition.

        • Above I meant to say “Removing carbs from diet for a long period of life causes wrinkles and HAIR loss at early age”
          Not weight loss

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