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Ultimate guide to travelling solo for the first time

Travelling solo is a lifetime experience and everyone should endure it atleast once in their lifetime. When you travel alone, you learn a lot of things such as being independent, gaining knowledge of different cultures and especially loving your own company. Here is an ultimate guide to travelling solo:

Choose safety over interest

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Choose a country which is known to be safe especially if you’re a girl. After all it’s your first solo travelling experience and you want to be safe than sorry.

Choose a nice hotel

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Choose a hotel which is nearer to attractions such as shopping centres or monuments or landmarks. You don’t want to endure long waits just to get to places of interest. Booking a hotel nearer to such places can be expensive but atleast it saves on the bucks elsewhere such as transport. On the other hand, choosing a good hotel means cleanliness, hygiene and good food. And be sure to book in advance, you don’t want to wander here and there in search of a room after travelling.

Pack as less as possible

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While travelling solo, try and pack as light as possible. One shirt can easily be worn two days, a pair of jeans can suffice even three days. Don’t pack too many shoes even, something that’s comfortable should do the job as you’d be walking a lot. Also, you’ll need space in your bag for gifts and souvenirs when you’re heading back home.

Carry enough money especially for emergencies

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A basic rule to follow while travelling: always carry more money than you think you’re going to need. Anything could happen at any time. You might misplace your money, encounter an accident or get pick pocketed. Try and carry credit card with you as well. Unlike cash which can easily get spent if stolen, credit cards can get blocked as soon as possible.

Plan your journey properly

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Write down places you want to visit in your journal with timings, how you’re going to get there, calculate your expenses but don’t over schedule. Make reservations in advance for places of attraction you want to see. Standing in long lines is a drag, but standing in long lines alone is almost unendurable. If you are going to popular attractions, museums or anywhere else that will require some waiting, get online and get your tickets sorted. You might even find discounts and of course save the hassle of long queues. This is your time that you’re meant to be enjoying so make the most of it.

Make friends with local people

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Make friends with local people of the country you’re visiting. Some places are very tourist friendly and love teaching others about their country. Talk to people in buses, at cafes, stores and markets. Interact as much as you can with the locals. They will give you coveted tips and insights about the place, which you’ll likely never be able to find yourself.

Lastly, just turn your phone off, instead take a camera along to capture your travels and just enjoy your solo experience.