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Komal Rizvi’s New Album Record Label Deals with Saregama HMV!

These days when we see our actors been insulted publicly across the border, few miles away, Komal Rizvi’s recent record label deal with Saregama HMV for her new album owes an ovation. Despite of the miseries that have been coming on and off in the career of this singer, Actress, Model, and what not, it seems that she has finally made her way.

Scoring a record deal famed HMV is indeed a huge honour  not for Komal only, but for the nation. According to the latest reveals, this album will have three new songs and a video song together with an assortment of her previous singles.  Komal seems determined to release a music video for her single ‘Jholey Laal’ in the coming week. Rumor says that the new single is a mix of Komal’s brand Sufi-pop with a video that hypnotizes imaginations.

The new (and long awaited) success has brought Komal a considerable limelight, While stating about her new album, she said:

 “We wanted the album to have a certain direction. The sound falls more in the Sufi-folk genre but it also has a bit of a filmy touch to it.

It’s not necessarily serious music. Some of the songs are and some aren’t — they show different shades of me.”

For the readers who might not be awared of the medals she earned in the neighbouring country, it is important to mention that she played up her unique performance in Coke Studio’s season 4, which is still well thought-out among the best Coke Studio’s performances. She also had an exceptional appearance in ‘Jhalak Dikla Ja’ as a singing star for The Dancing Stars. Furthermore, she sang an outstanding soundtrack for the top drama serial ‘Madhubala’ for Colors TV.

Komal is undoubtedly a multi talented girl as her talents were noticed from across the border and fruitfully she pulled off a record label with saregama HMV. She made our heads up. We wish her good luck to continue her success trail!


Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi


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