Sanam Baloch – An Underrated Actress?

We have seen a lot of overrated actresses in our drama industry. The hype and popularity they receive are more than what they deserve. They are mostly not popular because of their acting skills but due to their glamorous roles and the publicity that they receive. However, there are some actresses that are underrated. They have proved on various occasions their brilliant performance as actors but they still have not received the recognition and popularity that they truly deserve. When I hear the word ‘underrated actress’ the first name that comes to my mind is Sanam Baloch.

Sanam Baloch started her career as an anchor on the Sindhi channel KTN. She made her debut in dramas through the play Kalaq, opposite Fahad Mustafa, which was aired on PTV in 2008. The drama turned out to be a huge hit. In the same year, she was also seen in the play Doraha, alongside Humayun Saeed, which again turned out to be a hit show.

However, she gained the fame from her stupendous performance in Dastaan which was aired in 2010. The show was based on the novel written by Razia Butt and was one of the best dramas of 2010. Her role as ‘Bano’ was critically acclaimed. She received the Annual Lux Style Award for the Best Tv Actress (Satellite) for her role in Dastaan.

I still have her scenes imprinted on my mind; her splendid performance had no doubt left everyone speechless. Her sizzling chemistry with Fawad Khan set the screen on fire and her struggle and desire to reach her country after independence was portrayed beautifully by her. I had never thought she had so much potential in her as an actor. I always considered her acting skills to be average but my opinion about her changed drastically after this show. In the same year, we got to see Daam, a play written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Mehreen Jabbar. Daam was the story of the friendship between two friends, Maliha and Zara, one from a rich background played by Amna Sheikh and other was shown belonging to a lower middle class family played by Sanam Baloch. Sanam again proved that she is a magnificent actress. She played the role of Zara to perfection. In the same year, she also did a show called Chemistry opposite Danish Taimoor.

In 2011, she was seen in Akhbari Asghari and Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha. She played a negative character in the play Akbari Asghari which comes in the genre of romantic comedy. She was also seen playing a grey shaded character in Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha. However, both the shows failed to impress the audience. Akbari Asghari was rated as an average show while the latter turned out to be a huge flop. In 2012, she did Dur e Shahwar which is considered one of the best dramas of 2012. She was last seen in Roshan Sitara which went off air recently. She was also seen in Amanat Ali’s music video of the song Thumri. Sanam was seen as a morning show host on Hum Tv a few years back and is currently seen as a morning host on Samaa Tv.

What I find disturbing is that even after proving her versatility time and time again and giving so many hit shows, she had not gained the level of popularity that she deserves. She is not being offered quality scripts by popular production houses. She is seen in the same monotonous roles as she has been type casted by production houses. In my opinion, she is a superb actress and deserves to be admired by the audience and appreciated for her roles. She is not glamorous and does not seek publicity in any way. She is just a simple actor and tries to prove herself through her acting skills and that is what impresses me the most.

Mariam Shafiq.

  • farhan

    i totally agree with this judgment.sanam bolach is best and most versatile actress in her age group other actresses.she has natural innocence and beauty.she did a magnificant job in " Dastan".along with god gifted acting skills ,she is blessed with natural beauty.Really a Dimple girl,,,,

    • uzma

      agree here,….. at least i find her better than sabah qamar….and a few others.

  • saima

    BIG directors like Sarmad sultan khosat etc should consider sanam bolach for their next projects,,,

  • Faiza Khalid

    Sanam Balouch is the best actress we have in the current lot. She only does 1 play at a time, unlike all the other actresses , which we see at least 4/5 times in plays airing at the same time. She should work more, & all the other actresses should work less.

  • Umeed

    IN a nutshell,
    Sanam baloch is a very talented actress. Shez ruined in serial like KUCH PYAR KA PAGAL PAN… she should be utilized in any better project.
    I liked her acting in Durr-e-shahwar.
    plez give her some powerful roles in today's dramas.

  • Sidra

    I really admire Sanam Baloch and to me she z the most talented and versatile actresses of that time. she has beauty, innocence, superb acting skills and charm. i love her dramas like chaudhvin ka chand, Noor Pur ki rani, Doraha, Mannchalay, Daam, Dastaan, Chemistry, Akbari Asghari, Kuch pyar ka pagalpan, DureShehwar…… love her dimples 🙂

  • Saima

    I love sanam baloch… I started watching Pakistani dramas due to her.altough kuch pyar ka pagal pan was flop but people who live in west like me know that she did justice with her role.we can relate that story because that role was westren oriented.
    Best of luck Sanam

  • Shireen

    I really really like SB. She looks fresh, innocent, young compared to all other actresses that look old & haggard. I love her in Doraha, chowdveen ka chaand, Noorpur ki rani, Dastaan, Daam, AA, KPKP & of course DeS, which happens to be the best serial of 2012.

  • Khushbakht

    Salam Baluch is superb artist. She is very versatile .

  • Anjum

    i was unknown about her before watching ,Dastaan. But after that i really want to watch all her dramas because her acting look like a reality to me. She has a brilliant quality for all characters. honestly speaking i like her.

  • Gul

    The best actress of this time….she is definitely under rated…….I would love to see her more.

  • aysha

    yes iam agree with you.she's been uderrated, i really facinated by her role in dastaan,she did superb role in it.

  • haris

    sanam baloch iz beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt……

    • midhat

      u r extremely ri8

  • Xadee

    She z sO talented mashALLAH <3 …dastan ka lead rOle krna kOi asan kam nai tha…she waz SUPERBB…!!

  • Love Pakistan

    hae us ki masumiat e itna attract krti hy.

  • Uneza_j

    i too like her alot!!!
    she was best in dur-e-shehwar, daam n Dastaan!!! no one could have done those role as sanam did!

  • Ibad

    Who says that Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan was a flop. When this play was on-air , it was the only play watched by all my family regularly . And the attraction was neither Fawad nor Ayesha Khan it was only Sanam Baloach , who captured the attention of all of us. The twist of her role and her couple with Makal were superb. She is simple and attractive and real beauty without much makeover.

    • Sadaf H

      Totally agree . KPKPP was wonderful. I loved Sanam and Mikaal in it .

  • rbia

    very very fine actress …her performance in durr-e-shahwar was simply awesome…n ya i agree wd da article shes kinda underrated…

  • midhat

    a complete n owsum actress

  • zamzam

    i was not much into pakistani dramas
    few months back when i came back to pakistan i just watched durr e shehwar and i fell in love wid not only this drama but i also started watching other pakistani dramas
    so credit goes to sanam baloch
    i like her a lot .she s fab

  • Abida H

    SB is the best actress we have today. She is versatile & innocent. She needs to come in more tv shows. We, the audience want to see more of her.

  • Sadaf H

    I don't know who is underestimating her. The public adores her and she has been in a quite a few good projects such as Durr e Shehwar etc..Just recently she was in two not so great dramas on HUM like Nadamat and Roshan Sitara. She is an Alist actress and I hope to see her where she belong soon. I love her cute face 🙂

  • Khadija Naqvi

    I completely agreed with this article. Sanam Baloch is my favorite actress. She has looks, talent, versatility. What else an actor should have?? After giving classic dramas like Dastaan, Doraha, Kuch pyaar ka Pagalpan, Akbari Asghari, Roshan Sitara, Daam, Durre Shehwar and many more, how can someone underestimate her likee that??

  • Aro Akhtar

    sanam baloch didnt win LSA instead bushra insari won it

  • Angel

    which Performance Sanam Baloch has give in Dastaan, i think no other actress can give such a superb performance….shes such a natural beautyy…..i cant forget this drama….so many seens come sin my mind…i love to see her in Akbari Asghari…lovely role…Zindagi Dhoop tum ghanna Saaya was also a very good play…i think she is much better than other actresses…Khuda tallah Sanam Baloch ko bohat kamyabi de…and i would love to see her again with Fawad Khan…. Ameen….

  • Patty

    Hello ,

    Sanam Baloch is a hard working actress , as he is better then mahira , because sanam has all talent in her ,but no one in the production assumed that if her one drama goes flop so they wont take her , i beleive that there are many others actresses in the industries none of those drama actress serail when hit , it even went flop , so none of actresses are perfect , Sanam baloch express her self by doing a gr8 performance in the serial which she has the talent with good sense of rumour , other actress get famous by doing stupidity in the life thats what make them famous ,

    Therefore , we all like sanam baloch and will contiue so…..

    As, everyone has they own way of thinking ,

    Thanks You

  • nazia

    ya u r correct. i agree with you… many times i thought that this role should be given to sanam rather than other actress as in humsafar, sanam could perform the role of khired even she would look better than the heroine casted in zindagee gulzaar haii.. she must be appreciated and should be given challenging and quality roles. as she acts good as well as she looks good

  • Sajid

    sanam bolach should be given quality roles as Fawad Khan.Fawad Khan is also a superb actor,and he is lucky for receiving continuly best projects like dastan ,hamsafer and zindagi gulzar hy.In contrast,sanam who performed exclellent in Dastan was not given another chance.Altough after dastan ,her drama Durre-Sehwar was wonderfull,but sanam should be given roles which possess commercial and critical acclaim potential.

  • imran

    how u describe grey shaded character

  • S.S

    Sanam Baloch is an amazing actress!

    I first saw her in Doraha and I loved her. She made me despise her character her that drama, which only made me realize what a wonderful job she did.

    She gave two awesome performances in Daam and Dastaan the same year, yet did not walk away with the popularity and recognition like she deserved. Meanwhile you have the likes of Mahira who was weak sauce in Humsafar, getting a million praises by gaga fans for no reasons and till this day..God knows why people refer to the character of Khirad portrayed by Mahira as some masterpiece. Just goes to show you what taste people have when it comes to great performances. To top it all off, Sanam's awesome performance in Dastaan was sidelined in supposedly the most prestigious award ceremony held in Pakistan, Lux Style Awards..and there Bushra Ansari walked away with an award for something she has always been good at and that people have ALWAYS seen her doing – comedy. Just goes to further show you how young, and good talent is never appreciated at the only award show we may have in Pakistan.

    Bottom line..this girl deserves more recognition and popularity. And for writers, directors, and producers, please consider Sanam Baloch for worthwhile dramas. Not sure why she accepted a weird drama like Roshan Sitara, or maybe the problem was people aren't offering her the best of scripts while every other Joe is getting a drama.

    • iroon

      completely agree with you.

  • rani khan

    sanam z great……….zndagi gulzar hy men use hona chahiye

    • abc

      sanam saeed may not b that beautiful but i don't agree with ur point . sanam saeed is great actress and she is best for role of kashaf in zindagi gulzar ha …but for sanam baloch i would say she is the best actress and cutest face of our industry

      • tania

        i m not sure about story of zindagai gulzar hy.i think drama requires a simple and ordinary face and sanam saeed is suitale for Zindagi gulzar hay role.If sanam had to given chahce in "Shehre-e-Zat", i am sure that she could portray role of Falak much better than mahira khan

        • UAg

          I totally agreed Tania you just stole the words out of my mouth I was going to say that she should have played Falak's character she would be much better than Mahira Khan.

      • iroon

        well she sanam saeed is not a great actress. she still has to prove herself as to be called ''great''. from mera naseeb to zindagi gulzar hai and even in mata -e-jaan hai too she speaks in same monotonous tone. a good actor speaks like its character not what he or she is in real. and now adays thats the problem with most of the actors and actresses.and sanam baloch in this case has an edge above all.

        • KHAN

          Yes iroon and also she is playing the same kind of depressing characterz all tha time she should also play other kinds of roles in order to show her versitality

  • nazia

    sanam is the one who looks good even without makeup so she is best suited for simple roles… i am happy that lots of people think like me abt sanam baloch… directors and producers should acknowlwdge this puiblic opinion…

    the actress in zindagee gulzar hai is really good actress but she is not so beautiful to be casted against such a handsome actor like fahad

    kindly read this comment and respond

    • ferryy

      is beauty more important than talent?????? even in humsafar it wasn't the beauty that attracted asher , it was her innocence…..n simplicity…..
      and thats the differnece they wana show here…two compltly opposite individuals……….

      • nazia

        i think sanam had to look more innocent and simple than the actress in zindagee gulzar hai and she could make the drama more attractive for the viewers … she is also excellent in acting as u have seen her in Dastan…
        i am not opposing sanam saeed but the only point of mine is that if sanam saeed is giving 50 stars to the drama ,,,, sanam baloch could give 51 stars means she is better than her

  • princess ferry

    sanam is a great actress humsafar main mahira ki jagah ise hona chahye tha nd 2010 main sanam ko lsa nai mila tha bushra ansari ko mila tha

  • Khurram

    I don't think she is under rated She has made a place of her own in show biz,, she looked so cute and natural in Dastaan though her acting was bit immature in some intense scenes,, but she has improved a lot and that was seen in Durre Shehwar which is her best work till date.. I m sure many fellow actresses would hv envy her as durre shehwar As far as her morning show is concerned I think she should leave this non sense show….

  • ayesha

    to add some information about Sanam Baloach is not underrated infact she is the most highly paid actress in Pakistan she actually charges more money than any other actress may be that is the reason she does less but only quality work

    • sarah

      No that's not true. She doesn't charges more money than any other actress. You can't say that. You don't know about actress charges. Nobody know that. Don't point out sanam

    • Aiman

      underrated doesn't mean that she is less paid. it means that she doesn't enjoy that reputation in industry which she actually deserves.

  • maha

    she is simply outstanding , mind blowing n fantastic actress … i agree to this article

  • Erum

    Sanam Baloch is no doubt a very good actress but she is not underrated!

  • poi

    just hate sanam baloch

    • sarah

      @poi just shut up. How can you hate sanam. I think you jealous

  • Shaz

    With all due respect, I don't think some people know the meaning of underrated here and don't understand the context it is being used for! It has nothing to do with how much she is paid or how she looks….I don't understand why some people are bringing it up because the is not relevant to the discussion.
    Sanam Baloch is one of my favourites and yes she is underrated. The talented girl has given some breathtaking performances….Let me mention the 3 Ds in her career: Doraha, Daam and Dastaan. Such wonderful performances epsecially Dastaan which has got to be her best performance to date. Her performance as Bano was nothing short of perfect and I don't think any of her contemporaries would have been able to give such a moving and breathtaking performance. And yes, her chemistry with Fawad Khan was simply out of this world. Sadly the poor girl was robbed of a LS award which insted went to Bushra ji's portrayal of Saima Chaudhry. I love Bushra ji's work but come on! Let's compare the quality in performances….I don't think anyone else deserved it that year other than Sanam B.
    Sanam has been very consistent with her performances and barring a couple of shows, she has done quality work. But even if a serial has not been up to the mark, she still gives a stellar performance. Now this brings me to why I think she is underrated – she has given some memorable performances and is perhaps one of the finest actresses from the younger lot, and yet the audience goes crazy over an ordinary performance from Mahira Khan in Humsafar. No denying the show's success, but the character and Mahira's performance was not a patch on Sanam Baloch and her natural acting. Interviews, forums, websites…have a look. The girl is hardly mentioned. It's only about the so-called pretty faces. Yes Sanam is successful and appreciated….but the love and adulation is not enough for a performer of her standard. She deserves MUCH more. And duur- e shahwar, she better get an award for that one! If she is snubbed again then award system is seriously flawed.
    And I know that a lot of fans are going gaga over Fawad and Mahira in Humsafar. But my personal opinion is that Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan were exceptional in Dastaan and even in their other projects, they managed to sustain good chemistry. I would love to see these two in a Sarmad Khoosat project or something written by Umera Ahmed. There is a certain freshness about their pairing which was enchanting ever since Dastaan first aired!

    • Aiman

      WoW ! well written! u r absolutely right. i love sanam & her pair with fawad. to me fawad looks best with sanam than with mahira.

  • namra

    100% agree with u, she is a verstaile acteress

  • roha khan

    love sanam as bano.she has proved herself…

  • Aiman

    I Love Sanam. like other actresses she doesn't run after success by exposing her body or by wearing short outfits. i haven't seen her any video or clip in any exposed dress. she wears suitable & decent costumes & still she's loved by many people.

  • Mah

    its a talent which i being ignored by many of the directors. she is underrated , i hope media start taking her seriously . she is undoubtedly a good actress .

  • ashley

    i agree with ur each and every word. Sanam always speechless except for those two flops. The simplicity and the expressions are too devastating to ignore! the main reason that she hasn't been uplifted as she should be,in my point of view is that she is a straight forward person who is engaged only with her work whereas the viewers wnat to watch acting as well as a bit overacting too.Infact , we have forgotten the true vision of acting.