Kubra Khan’s Sister Looks Like Her Twin!

Kubra Khan is one of the most liked actresses of the drama industry right now. Kubra Khan’s fan following has increased in a short span of time. After making her mark on television, she was this year seen in two of the biggest films. Kubra Khan talks about her family a lot in the interviews but there are very few pictures of her family members on her social media pages. This is the reason why for the longest time, many people thought that Kubra Khan was Fatima Khan’s sister. Kubra posted a picture with Fatima Khan on her instagram page and titled it “sister act” and that is where the misunderstanding started from. Kubra later made it clear in many interviews that Fatima Khan was like a sister to her and not actually her sister.

Recently Kubra Khan posted a beautiful picture with her sister on instagram. The title she gave this picture was really cute. Kubra Khan’s sister looks a lot like her. Many fans praised the picture and some also commented that they had a lot in common.

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Lifeline. #MeriBehen ♥️

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It is always good to see pictures of celebrities with their families, it shows that they are willing to share that part of their lives with their fans!

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