Kucch Bara Honay Wala Hai (Something grand is about to happen) says Express Entertainment

Express Entertainment is an entertainment channel of Express media group which also includes Express News. While Express 24/7 and Times are the other channels of this media house which are either closed or least viewed.

Since its initiation Express Entertainment has not been much successful in strengthening itself among viewers. The channel relied mostly on foreign content from Turkey and India, but few months ago it allotted the prime time evening slot to Pakistani content.

Quite recently the channel is coming up with enchanting campaign titled ‘Kucch Bara Honay Wala Hai Koi Pyara Aanay Wala Hai’  (Something big is about to happen, some loved one is about to arrive).  The holy month of Ramazan is just few days away and it is the Ramazan special transmission which the channel has labelled as something big. What is big about their Ramazan transmission, well the channel has yet to disclose it. So who is this ‘barra‘ and ‘pyarra‘  rumors are that it is going to be hosted by Aamir Liaquat Hussain the man who hosted Ramazan Transmission of  Geo Entertainment last year named ‘Amman Ramazan’. Last year Geo Tv and Jang group claimed the ‘Amman Ramazan’ transmission has made new record of viewership saying the host Aamir Liaqut Hussain is ‘hardil azeez‘(most loved) host of Pakistan.  Amman Ramazan was discussed on social and international for some unusual reasons like awarding infants as freebies and the treatment of Tahir Shah (eye to eye fame). As per Geo Entertainment and Jang Group the transmission doubled the blessings of holy month Ramazan last year.

Aamir Liaqut has also hosted a show named ‘Inaam Ghar‘ on Geo Entertainment in first quarter of 2014, which as per Geo Tv and Jang group was also record breaking show, surpassing all records of all generations. As per Jang group, it was the most watched show in the Asia. During the same show (Inaam Ghar) Aamir Liaqut promised to come with Ramazan Transmission named ‘Pakistan Ramazan’ on Geo Entertainment where infants will be awarded too.

Its time for the fulfillment of that promise which Aamir Liaqut made to the audience. Geo Entertainment is passing through a uncertain period since its inception and is blocked by cable operators in many areas. So perhaps to fulfill his promise, keep his words and spread further blessings, Aamir Liaqut has switched the channel and opted for Express Entertainment.

“Who says we Pakistani dont stand by our words and promises, here is an exemplary man of prime character who has stood by promise and even switched to another channel for this cause (noble cause as per Aamir Liaqut)”. So lets wait for this grand and beloved moment where future of our nation (means infants) will be awarded as freebies, plus some invitees will experience a special treatment by host (like Tahir Shah experienced last year)



Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali