Izteraab – Episode 12!

Hmmm, this drama is now getting stretched & I feel the drama makers should start wrapping it up because I think 15 episodes would be more than enough for this story. It’s still watchable & I hope with this much happening in every episode, they wind it up nicely where we can follow it till the end with some interest on our hands.

Zara is obviously suffering but she is making sure to make Dua suffer with her too. Jazib as usual has no role to play because he’s too busy making money for his 2 wives that’s why it comes down to Zara & Dua now where Dua tries to keep things smooth, Zara finds one way or the other to insult her.

Zara; being a mother can’t see her kids mingling with Dua & getting candid with her therefore she is trying to over-take the affection they might have started to feel for their step-mother. These kids have not seen a mother figure of such sort who’d take care of the house as Zara was always busy with her job & no doubt she paid utmost attention to them but as she had a shared responsibility of her work, that resulted in the kids getting comfortable with Dua in no time as she is always there for them & the kids do not have to wait for someone to listen to them, they can share whatever & whenever they want to with Dua which is now making Zara uncomfortable.

The way Dua styled Sofia was because of the performance she was chosen for in the school but I saw no weight in Zara’s concern for how Dua was spoiling her daughter as that was just for a character she had to play in the school & it’s a norm that too at Sofia’s age. But to do more for her daughter so that she can lessen the charm of Dua, Zara tried to fulfil Sofia’s demands which had nothing to do with the school play at all. Zara easily blamed Dua for all the changes she felt in Sofia thinking she has been idealizing Dua which according to Zara was a bad influence on her & I think Zara needs to understand that if she had given her kids enough time to idealize their mother, then Sofia wouldn’t have deviated away so easily.

As much as I was concerned for the girl playing the character of Sofia, I think they have kind of crossed the limits by showing a girl of her age involving herself into some questionable activities & easily portraying the trend of dating. I know this is what’s prevalent in the society these days & dating has become a much accepted norm but to show it on the TV screen & that too by involving KIDS (who don’t even know how to speak) into it for the sake of a drama is ridiculous. I think enough attention has been given to Sofia & her problems, so the story could’ve moved forward without this bit too.

As much as Dua is being considerate & how she has invited Zara to stay at the place Dua owns now, she is being put up with a lot of blaming for no good reason. Once again Zara found an easy way out & held Dua responsible for Sofia’s dating because it made no sense whatsoever. Even though Zara knows that she has a very little time left to spend with her family, she is still not focusing on her kids & is hell-bent in giving Dua a tough time. If Zara snaps out of the sheer fixation of belittling Dua then I feel she’ll be able to give her kids some good memories of her to cling onto before she parts with them. Share your say on this.

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