Laal Ishq Last Episode Review – A Terrible End

After singing praises for this play for many months now, I didn’t want to criticise its end. Hence I watched the episode twice, thrice but cannot say anything better about it. It was a disaster, an illogical, incomplete and very silly disaster. Nothing made sense, no problem got closure and no character reached it’s intended destination. It seemed like the writer suddenly had an idea of a sequel so he lost all interest in this drama or the episodes were cut short due to some reason, because this certainly cannot be the natural progression of such a good drama. It’s like the drama didn’t end, it just died an accidental death.

If we discuss the points separately, all of them will be equally pointless. If Yawar Kamal though that police could solve the matter, why was he the one who had fired at Punar and Munir first. If he had gotten the police involved at that time and made sure that law is not taken into Punar’s hands , the drama would have had a totally different path. And Mehr Punar, the hero was reduced to a bad- mouthed abusive goon at the very end. For a drama that’s named on ishq, it didn’t suit that the hero had used and abused a girl in the name of love and then forcefully married her in the name of revenge. It’s one thing to be stuck in desperate circumstances and totally another to change your intrinsic character and nature. That is a sign of extremely poor characterisation. Aabi Khan has lost all his charm in these three episodes, going from a hero to an illiterate aggressive villain. It’s a terrible thing to show that a supposed hero does not even have basic respect for women or elders.

For the other hero, Arsalan Idrees did a brilliant job all the way but his end was also quite abrupt and out of character. Just a few tears and he was willing to forget Mahi, his love, his wife for whom he was willing to take all bullets. Speaking of cowardice, Rameen also took a very weak and pathetic stance at the end. A girl who thrived on dialogues like sharton par toh main tum say milnay na ayun, tum shadi ki bat kartay ho, and who convinced Farhad to take a stand for his love, becomes so weak that she is willing to sacrifice everything so Mehrunnisa can end the hatred and animosity.  That was not Rameen, infact the whole new generation who had shown that they are different, progressive and openminded, did not bring about the change of mindsets, rather they are all sacrificed for the sake of age old battle.

At the very end, Mehrunnisa played a low blow and said jug jug jeo to Bali before turning and stabbing him with something she must’ve hidden in her shawl, and that was that. There was not even any clarity whether Bali was killed or not, or now that Rameen has been unable to save her father, will she stay Punar’s wife or not? And how will Farhad bear the loss of Mahi? Will they all just forget Mahi like that? So many questions and no real answers…

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  • Bali should have survived this assault n mehrunnisah should be hated by her son, brother n father in law n sent to imprisonment where she would have done suicide. That should have been the end to show that Allah exists, n father in law says bari power dekhi hai, he couldn’t even slap once to his daughter in law.

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