Laal Kabootar Leads Talk About The Film And Their Parts

Ever since Laal Kabootar has been announced, it’s getting us excited more and more. Now, the cast was revealed and they finally spoke about what their roles are and what the film is going to be like. Mansha Pasha, who is the protagonist in the film, said, “My role is extremely challenging. She’s the female protagonist in the film, and something happens to her which she has to overcome with a lot of personal turmoil. The film is largely about what she does; it’s an intense role, which was truly quite challenging to perform.”

She continued, ““My role is obviously different because the way the film has been done is unlike anything that I have seen before. It’s a lot like Sacred Games, so I think my fans will like it. It’s a Karachi-based story and shows the interaction of the city with the characters in the film. All of that makes it unique.”

Ahmed Ali Akbar who is playing a very important role in the film said, “‘I have done theatre as well as films. The process of this movie was very close to theatre when it comes to training as Kamal had started talking about the character six months before it went on floor. I would often discover new things about the character during rehearsals and we did those quite often even with cinematographer Mo Azmi. One thing which I have to say is that shooting for the film was one of the best experience I have had.”

Ali Kazmi who plays a role of a journalist said, “First of all I love action thrillers, so what attracted me to this project is the vision of the director Kamal Khan and the Nehar Ghar films. It’s a super team, very organized, great production design and extremely talented young filmmakers that want to push the envelope of Pakistani filmmaking. I am very interested and excited to see the audience response to this film because it is a genre not much explored here. So get ready for a wild ride with Laal Kabootar.”


Sohayl Ahmed