Lahore Music Meet comes to a successful end

The third edition of the Lahore Music Meet came to an end on Sunday.

The two-day festival attracted a huge audience as it consisted of a lot of activities dealing with music and discourse about music.

Meesha Shafi was one of the speakers at the 2nd day and she talked about how she has grown up visiting the halls of Alhamra with her mother where the music meet took place.

She said her connection with the performing arts had seen many years. About her singing and stepping into the Coke Studio, Meesha said she was particular about rhythm, her entrance to the Coke Studio was the outcome of a phone call which was about singing at the Coke Studio. She described how she and Jamal composed the tune for Manto’s story Thanda Gosht in the film, Manto.

The bands performed on Sunday were MU, Mohammad Aizaz, Mehdi Maloof, Patari Tabeer, Shajie, Hathi, Saakin, Tonight, Us, Jaubi and Noah’s Heark.

Sajjad Ali, Ali Azmat, Momina Mustehsan and other singers interacted with the audience.

A number of visual art fanciers visited the audiovisual exhibition titled ‘Rang Saazi’.