Remembering Habib Jalib on his death anniversary

March 12 marked the 24th death anniversary of revolutionary poet Habib Jalib.

He was born on March 24, 1928 in Hoshiarpur Village. He came to Pakistani after the partition and worked as a proofreader for an Urdu daily, Daily Imroze. The Daily Imroze was based in Karachi.

After his death in 1993, his family didn’t accept the government’s offer and gesture to pay for his funeral expenses.

He was  a progressive poet who wrote against Military regimes of General Ayub Khan and Zia Ul Haq. He even protested in the streets with the women against the Hudood Ordinance.

Jalib’s sense of writing was simple, his style was easily understood and he wrote for the common people and about their issues.

His emotional energy, however, gripped on people tightly as his poetry was socio-politically charged.

 People still celebrate and remember him and are in awe of his revolutionary poetry.