Lashkara Episode 6 – 8 Review – Intense!

Ohkay so, when I started watching Lashkara, I seriously had no idea what I should expect, I remember randomly coming across a post on Instagram suggesting it as an upcoming drama so I got interested & I am glad I made that decision because I enjoy each & everything, every little detail about this drama, so much so that I can say I love Lashkara. The power packed performances, amazing dialogues intense acting, layered characters & so many things to be read between the lines; all these factors make Lashkara a treat & a complete package!

The way all these episodes brought the realities of post marriage to life was phenomenal. There were so many moments, so many intricate details that covered what really truly happens in & after a desi wedding, where the couple is happy, some people around them are busy with their agendas & others are genuinely happy for them!

I must say, Nasreen’s character has to be the most interesting one & the grace & personality with which Saba Hameed has portrayed it is just phenomenal. I love the confidence & self-assurance of Nasreen. You can’t really put her in a category & this is what I love about her, she is the friend you need if you’re in her good books but if you’re not, she will be your worst nightmare.

It is quite interesting to see how well aware Nasreen is when it comes to her upbringing especially in regards to Feeka. She knows that he is this very innocent & pure soul that is why she always keeps her guards erected in the matters concerning him as he is someone who’s prone to getting hurt easily. The very first warning that Nasreen gave to Bubbly suggested how she wanted Bubbly to remain guilt-stricken because that way she would become very easy to mold. In these episodes, especially after Feeka & Bubbly’s marriage, Nasreen was seen setting a play ground for Bubbly to be on as per her own terms & conditions. Nasreen herself knows that Bubbly is way out of Feeka’s league that is why she was throwing one favour after another Bubbly’s way so that she spends the rest of her life under the burden of those favours & can not even imagine hurting Feeka who is so gullibly in love with her. Bubbly did say that it seemed like Nasreen brought her for Feeka, which is true but then Nasreen covered that fact under so many wraps that no one could talk about it anymore – not even Bubbly!

My most favorite scenes in these episodes were of Bubbly & Feeka, especially their wedding scene where Feeka finally got a chance to tell Bubbly what she meant to him. The way they broke the ice & then grew so comfortable within a span of few minutes was elaborated by Ushna & Mohsin beautifully. Bubbly who had so many inhibitions found herself falling in love with Feeka because he touched her emotionally. Feeka was on cloud 9 but then again, he couldn’t keep his emotions in control too as there were so many voices in his head that were forcing him to have doubts. Feeka is just very plain & has no filters that is why he immediately told Bubbly why he was confused.

It was so nice to see the budding relationship of Bubbly & Feeka where they went from being distant to now totally in love with each other. Bubbly never had a clear idea of her ‘perfect’ marriage but because Feeka loved her like she couldn’t imagine, she was simply happy. It was nice to see Nasreen being happy for Feeka & Bubbly but then again, she knows she has set the ground & won’t let Bubbly escape from it ever, that is why she couldn’t ignore one small lie of Bubbly which she told about she wanting Feeka to go with her. May be by inquiring about it from Feeka, it was her way of confirming whether her son has changed or was he still the same & yes, Feeka didn’t disappoint her because he was still that gullible simple minded Feeka who couldn’t keep things to himself!

The way Nasreen dealt with Sunny went to show how she kept a grudge & how she again devised a plan to teach him a lesson & get back at him for insulting Feeka in front of such a huge crowd. Nasreen’s calm in dealing with such complicated matters is amazing. Sunny couldn’t really gather himself because he was already shattered with the news of Bubbly’s marriage & then Nasreen put his entire family on the line which he couldn’t cope up with. Sunny really couldn’t accept the fact that Bubbly was happy & most importantly she was happy & emotionally settled with Feeka. Even after so many reminders from Bubbly herself, Sunny still didn’t want to wrap his head around the fact that she moved on but then even if not for Bubbly, Sunny will definitely come back to deal with Nasreen, for all that she put him up with.

In the middle of all this, another touching conversation took place between Taya Jee & Tayi Jee where Taya typically showed his big & kind heartedness by being happy for Bubbly but Tayi Jee choked up at the idea of Saima’s marriage, where the thought of her daughter’s struggles in the future overwhelmed her. Tayi Jee was happy for Bubbly but more than that, she was sad for her daughter Saima & even though she has always supported Saima’s passion for education, at that point she thought like a typical mother who only wanted to see her daughter married & well-settled. I loved how Taya Jee tried to rationalize her thoughts but then Tayi couldn’t understand what he was trying to say at that moment. Also, in the background, Nazeer; bubbly’s harmless admirer also made an appearance & even he was having a hard time seeing Bubbly married & happy. I loved the way Bubbly spoke to him, like Saima said, Bubbly is very mature & she definitely portrayed that because all of a sudden Bubbly was being forced to act responsibly & she was doing a great job at that. It is interesting to see how Nasreen doesn’t pay much heed to what Nikki says, may be because she feels Nikki’s all talks & nothing beyond that? But I do have a feeling Nikki & her husband Akram are going to create troubles for Bubbly, let’s see how she’ll deal with them!

Overall, these episodes of Lashkara took the story forward a great deal & everything about it was phenomenal. Ushna Shah & Mohsin Abbas Haider are amazing & they made their scenes a treat to watch but the one who took the crown yet again was Imran Ashraf, he really really portrayed the storm brewing inside Sunny’s mind & heart convincingly. Someone who was absolutely shattered & just didn’t know what he was supposed to do & how he should pick up the pieces, well done Imran Ashraf. Saba Hameed was perfect, her calm, her animosity, everything was subtle but screaming what was going through her mind. I can’t wait for the next episode. All the supporting actors are doing an amazing job too. The editors have really elevated the level of this drama too. I love the background scores they have used & how they have kept the usage very minimal as well. Lashkara has turned out to be such a drama that I look forward too definitely. Please share your thoughts.

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