Leading Magazines of Pakistan

Pakistan has a flourishing showbiz industry. A whole lot of immense talent is present in our industry. Best actors, actresses, models, directors and producers combine their expertise and create masterpieces. All these masterpieces need to be covered and shown to the public. Not only these masterpieces but also the work of the designers, make up artists and also the jewellery designers are also covered in magazines. Pakistan is a country that has a wide range of celebrity and fashion magazines. In this article I will be highlighting the leading magazines of Pakistan.

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Hello Pakistan is one of the leading magazines of Pakistan. This magazine brings together the best of Pakistan’s culture, glamour and fashion. The publisher of the magazine is Zahra Saifullah. Hello magazine had its versions in other countries previously; Zahra Saifullah grew up watching her mother read Hello from around the world. Since then she started to work hard to bring a local version of Hello in Pakistan. The purpose of Hello Pakistan is not to create or define Pakistan according to their terms but to celebrate the country. Zahra Saifullah said in a press conference that we are Pakistani and want to celebrate that fact and not undermine it in anyways. Hello Pakistan focuses on both renowned and little known celebrities. Approximately 20000 copies are sold every month.


Good Times Magazine is the biggest rival of Hello Pakistan Magazine and also a leading magazine of Pakistan. It is a fortnightly launched magazine. This magazine covers lifestyle, fashion, food and culture. The aim of Good Times Magazine is to be committed to advancing and reclaiming spaces of cultural and artistic activity in Pakistan. The publisher of this magazine is Mira Sethi. She along with her team including; Misbah Momin, Mehek Raza, Saba Ahmed and many more create masterpieces. Mira Sethi is a highly talented woman. She is an Oxford graduate and this is the reason why she comes up with new and innovative stuff in every other issue.


Moving over to another magazine named SHE Magazine, this is also one of the leading magazines of Pakistan. This magazine also focuses on the latest trends going around in Pakistan. It also lets people know some useful tips for their daily lives and also their horoscopes. The best thing about this magazine is that every individual in the team of SHE magazine works really hard to make their efforts worthwhile. This is what makes this magazine prominent in the list of popular and leading magazines of Pakistan.


Libas is also a very popular and leading magazine of Pakistan. This is a quarterly launched magazine. It is based on the lifestyle of the people of Pakistan. The glossy edition of Pakistan is ranked as the largest circulating magazine of Pakistan. IT shows the latest fashions may it be prêt, semi formal or bridal wear. They work with an aim to produce high quality content and maintain their status. This magazine is headed by a leading fashion designer named Sehyr Saigol. She is well known for her clean tailoring lines, details and embroidery. She is a strong minded and a confident woman and this is why she reflects all these qualities in her work on the magazine.


Brides and You is also another leading magazine of Pakistan. This magazine shows the efforts of the designers and make up artists that work together and create beautiful brides. This magazine is a quarterly launched fashion magazine. This magazine was launched from Lahore in 2001. This magazine is the largest print run in Pakistan. This magazine is distributed in Pakistan, India, Gulf, North America and Europe. It has thousands of readers all around the world. Every issue of the magazine shows latest trends in bridal couture and jewellery. It also carries advice, ideas and tips for wedding households. The purpose of this magazine is to serve as a guide by talking about and advising on issues relating to women, psychosexual problems, legal advices and other social topics. This attracts many readers.

Magazines have always been a best time pass. Whenever you are in a place and have nothing to do the first thing that comes in your mind is to read a magazine. At that specific moment, these above mentioned magazines are something that is more than perfect. They not only act as a time pass but they also provide a lot of information at the same time. They do not let you get bored or anything so one should always have one of these magazines and see what wonderful work is being done in Pakistan.

Written by: Moomal Hassan.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.