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Letters! A Critical Success Factor in Concluding Dramas

In past letters were used as a main medium for communication. In the era of less technology people tend to write letters in order to send information to someone living distantly. With an emerging technology where people can easily communicate with each other on real time basis, the significance of letters is almost zero and it is more or less used in business world only. Hence today letters are used as a mean of business and formal communication.

In today’s modern world where hardly anyone use letter for informal communication, our dramas give some real importance to it. Some dramas suggest that letters can be used as a medium to express your feelings to your loved one and we have also noticed that these letters had been proven as a critical success factor in concluding dramas.

Let’s take a tour of those dramas where directors and writers had shown some real power of letters and how these letters helped in concluding dramas.

Humsafar: In a desperate search for his wedding album, Ashar finally found a letter written to him by Khirad. This letter exposed all truth to Ashar and his mother’s plan to separate him from Khirad. Although Humsafar was flawlessly shot but it is little bit hard to digest that how come Ashar didn’t read the letter before when it was actually handed over to him by his servant? why did he put the letter in that wedding album box? We all knew that the conclusion of Humsafar drama relied on Khirad’s letter and when Ashar discovered that letter the drama got finished in the very next episode.


Durr e Shahwar: Shandana’s mother (Durr e Shahwar) told Shandana that life is not a bed of roses. Being married to Mansoor it was hard for her to make her Mother in law and Mansoor to realise that they were actually doing wrong to her. Although Durr e Shahwar gives Shandana a consolidation to sort out her marital problems by revealing her story but it was her father’s letters that helped Shandana to fix all problems with Haider.

durr e shahwar

Pyaray Afzal: Throughout the whole drama everyone was discussing the same thing that who was actually writing letters to Afzal. Everyone was hooked up to this drama for one solid suspense and that was Farah’s letters in Afzal’s cupboard. At one point we have started believing that it was Farah herself writing letters to Afzal, some believed that Lubna is interested in Afzal and she was writing those letters with Farah’s name. Those who suggested that it was Afzal writing letters to himself were right as Afzal from the beginning had always loved Farah. Poor Afzal as he was shot dead while Farah actually wrote letter to him in the end. The intense grieve prevailed among viewers even after drama got finished.


Laa: A short but engaging drama with diversified story from usual dramas stories. Laa was a visual treat to watch and got superbly ended without being dragged within 13 episodes. Daniyal’s journey came to end when he finally found his real mother and his step brother. Although Daniyal accomplished his mission but still upon knowing about his real mother he didn’t went to meet her. Hence he concluded his journey by writing letters to his real mother and to his friend Laila.


Mausam: Hashir’s new found love for his father Fayyaz was indeed a solid reason for Nigar’s death (Hashir Mother). Nigar had spent a long time in a painful state as Fayyaz’s wife who was a selfish man and can destroy anyone’s life for his wishes. Hashir believed that her mother was wrong and he started behaving rudely towards his mother. This triggered her health issues to become worst and she eventually died. Before death she left a letter for Hashir in which she compared shazia’s selfish character with Fayyaz. She explained to Hashir that his life will be ruined if he got married to Shazia same as her life was ruined while being married to Fayyaz. That letter was a heartfelt indeed for Hashir. Hence Mausam was yet another drama in which letter was used to head the drama towards conclusion.



Moreover Letters were also used as a leaving note thereby leaving heavy impact on receiver. In drama serial “Main Abdul Qadir Hoon” Abdul Qadir left a note for his mother that he is going however he came back after Faiz’s death. In “Bilquees Kaur” Anjuman ran from the house leaving a note for Bilquees in order to save herself from watta satta marriage and to get married to faraz. Furhermore “Rung” drama next episode promo (Episode 22) shows that Saniya will give a leaving note to Zafar as Zafar is not ready to forgive her or giving her any chance to remedy her mistake and this will definitely make Zafar realise about his cold hearted behaviour towards her.

So any more dramas in your knowledge where letters are used for conclusion or as a leaving note?