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Love is in the air – Veena and Asad Khattak

Actor Veena Malik’s life has always been chock full of controversies. Hence, her decision to not settle down before 2015 seemed quite apt at the time she released a statement regarding her plans to get married. However, staying true to her spontaneous self, Veena took everyone by surprise when she tied the knot with Dubai-based businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak

“It all just happened as destiny would have it. We met at the US Consulate in Dubai, where he had come for some paperwork and I was there for an interview. Later, as I walked out he followed me and introduced himself,” shares Veena. “The conversation landed on the fact that both of our fathers were from the Army. Eventually, when our parents were introduced, we found out that our fathers were in fact friends from their time in the Army.”

While it surely seems to be a case of ‘accidental love’, what is more astounding is that they got hitched within 10 days of meeting. “He proposed to me within just five days of our introduction and I was taken aback. I asked him ‘when’ and he just said, ‘tomorrow’,” says Veena.

Following the sudden proposal was a whirlwind nikkah ceremony and an intimate lunch for friends and family. The sheer speed with which Veena’s life has taken a turn is potentially a testament to the widespread romantic notion, ‘when it’s right, you just know’. “He is the man of my dreams. He loves and he adores me. I have found him to be a very interesting, loving and caring person. He is the man I want to spend my entire life with,” says Veena, who is clearly smitten with Khattak.

However, it was only in November last year that the media was abuzz with reports of her getting married to businessman Umar Farooq because they were reportedly in love. “Umar and I clicked as friends; there was nothing more between us but the media created a lot of hype!” asserts Veena.

For now, Veena is looking forward to new beginnings and busy planning her wedding ceremonies; one each in US and Dubai and two in Pakistan. The one in the US is expected to be a grand white wedding, just the way she wants, whereas the two functions in Pakistan will be held at Rawalpindi and Kohat.

While Veena seems to have made up her mind on letting bygones be bygones, news of her marriage wasn’t welcomed pleasantly and was overshadowed by her past. Rumours about her ex digital manager Prashant Pratap Singh, hacking into the privacy of her account and accusing her of fraud and betrayal were rampant soon after her marriage. But Veena says she is unbothered and considers it to be unimportant.

“Oh, that is now a thing of the past. Yes, the account was hacked, but now we will sort it out via a court battle. I have already planned to take legal action against him,” she clarifies. “I was at the peak of my career. [But as] always, I listened to my heart and life is amazing now. I have been blessed with the most loving husband and the most amazing in-laws. In showbiz, you do face rumours and people are still in shock about my nikkah, but this is reality.”

Having remained in B-town for quite a while, Veena is now planning to move to Washington with her newfound love. “India was only meant for work. I knew that from the beginning and hence, I never invested in a house or a car. I will be living in Washington now but I will still continue working as well as singing,” she says.

Luckily for Veena, her husband also seems to be in complete awe of her. “Veena is a complete package. She is a wife and a friend to me,” says Khattak. In the wake of recent controversies, Khattak was quick to support his wife, asking her fans to follow her new Twitter account and he remains firm on protecting her in future, as well. “I am a Pathan and I know how to protect my wife. She will be my wife forever,” says Khattak.

S. Rasool

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