Mahesh Bhatt Pays Heartwarming Tribute To Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir is a household name to all Pakistanis, the legendary poetess was not only a famous writer but also a civil servant.  She rose to national fame with her very first book Khusbo (fragrance). Many of her books and poetry have been translated into various different languages. Her book Khud Kalami was translated into Italian.

Mahesh Bhatt Pays Heartwarming Tribute To Parveen Shakir

She also received a Pride of Performance award for her contribution to the South Asian literature. She managed to win the hearts of many with her soul-stirring poetry.

Yesterday marked her 23rd death anniversary and Mahesh Bhatt paid her the most heartwarming tribute on his twitter.

The Murder director posted excerpts from Parveen Shakir’s garden of words.

Shakir passed away in a car accident in Islamabad on a rainy winter morning December 26, 1994. She was 42 at the time but her words shall remain with us till the end of time.

Mariya Haider