Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 36 Review – One Good Episode!

Ohkay so, it was again a pretty decent episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. It can be seen that things are being wrapped up & that actually makes me look forward to the remaining episodes of this drama!

Seriously, it wouldn’t be Nazneen if she doesn’t display her selfishness. It is actually quite shocking that after going through so much & knowing that she was the root cause of all the problems, Nazneen chooses not to realize that she needs to change. The way she spoke to Taimur’s mother reminded me of the way she used to treat Basit’s mother too. In spite of being thankful that Taimur’s family gave her a shelter when she needed, she chose to misbehave with his mother. I really want to see what her end will be because at this point, she seriously deserves a misfortune!

Well, I had a feeling that something wrong will happen with Arsalan & Shaheer would do it & that’s what happened in this episode. I must say, this entitre track has been full of flaws because Zimmal told Arsalan that they’d keep their marriage a secret & there she was distributing her wedding cards to her batchmates & discussing their dress fittings in the university too!?!?!

Well, Basit’s prayer made me feel for him a lot. Seriously he has been the one who lost everything especially his parents. He really suffered a lot because he fell in a trap of a girl like Nazneen, who literally took everything away from him. I liked the conversation between Shahzeb & Basit, good that they came to a closure but that entire scene would have made more impact if it would’ve been shot as a single scene with both the actors in one frame because it was too obvious that they were at different locations & then it was edited to make it look like one scene! Also, please don’t tell me Basit is going to end up with Roshni because that Fakir also hinted that he should give love another chance & Roshni seemed to be making a pass at him, if that happens it would be a mismatch with Basit being way out of Roshni’s league. It would definitely be a forced love angle I believe!

So, Rani was faced with her past once again but good that she has Shammo’s support. It felt good to see that Shammo worked all his way up to the point where he can now give shelter to Rani, something that he promised her when he would earn a few bucks by dancing at random weddings. This aspect was nicely covered too & good that Shammo achieved what he dreamt of.

Overall, it was a good episode & I have a feeling this drama will end on a decent note too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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