Shaan Shahid Had A Major Outburst Following Arth’s Failure

December was expected to play an important role in Pakistani cinema scene as most anticipated films of the year both Rangreza and Arth-The Destination were to hit the big screen this month as they did but the results weren’t as pleasing as everyone would have liked them to be.

Reports indicate that the turn up for both movies lied between 18-40% and neither of the films got raving reviews from any of the critics, over all the public reviews have been mixed as well.

As the expectations shattered veteran actor Shaan Shahid who helmed Arth-the destination lashed out on the negative reviews.

Albeit the post has now been removed from Shaan Shahid’s facebook but the screen shots are still revolving around social media.

Ali Gul Pir took to his twitter and tweeted his opinion on how artists should be more focused on the art than the reviews and later claimed that the tweet wasn’t directed at Shaan, he said,

“Our so-called artists need to grow up. Ever heard of Meryl Streep or Christian Bale bitching about critics on their social media. No because they believe in their art and don’t care about others. Unlike our celebs who haven’t even done half as good work but act like they invented film form,”

To this Shaan Shahid replied,

“And with all due respect, I will not compare you to any artists anywhere because I can’t find a suitable comparison anywhere. I hope you understand. “We are grown-ups but not for lies. And the choice of words is loathed with arsenic, hate and disrespect. It’s time we strike back at not criticism but lack of knowledge.”

He even pointed that ‘critics’ were misinforming the audience that the film is three hours in duration when it’s actually two hours and 13 minutes.

Twitter aside, on his personal Facebook account, Shaan even shared a public post appreciating those who supported him in making the film. “Thank you to all the loved ones for their support in making Arth a success, the people of Pakistan I’m always humbled by their love,” he wrote.

Shaan Shahid Had A Major Outburst Following Arth's Failure

In his Facebook post, the star called his “haters” out too. “To all the haters who are trying so hard to write and spread negativity, if you guys understood the film techniques, you would be making films and I would be writing columns in the newspapers,” he wrote. “A film has its own flight, a flight of belief on the hard work, prayers, and the love of the people who don’t have access to write but to see and enjoy the film.”

Shaan Shahid Had A Major Outburst Following Arth's Failure

He concluded the post, saying, “Croak as much as you can with your hate words and analysis. It helps us rise above. But seriously I wish you had a better job. Losers.”

Mariya Haider