Mahira Khan Sent Her Eid Kurta To A Fan!

A true star is one who is always connected to his/her fans. They not only win the hearts of their followers by their exceptional performances, they also make sure to make them happy with their attitudes and gestures. How many of us can actually think that our favourite star will reply to us? And how many can think that we can own something which was previously owned by them? A girl Sidrah had her fangirl moment not only once but twice and who made her happy, our very own Mahira Khan. We all remember Mahira Khan’s Eid day outfit. She looked sleek and beautiful in a black kurta which she paired with her mother’s dupatta and tied her hair in a bun. One of her millions of fans, Sidra playfully asked the star to give her dress to her and Mahira replied her with a “Give me your address”. Screenshot_2018-09-10-16-23-51-1_1536596133812Screenshot_2018-09-10-16-23-45-1_1536596135395 Who would have thought that Mahira will actually send her dress to Sidra but she surprised her and got the dress delivered to her. Sidra posted a picture in the same kurta which Mahira wore on Eid. Sidra looked equally lovely in the gift from the star. A superb gesture from Mahira Khan indeed!

Pakeeza Dar