Mahira Khan’s Latest Photo Shoot

Mahira Khan has always been very selective about her work. She is very popular so she must get a lot of offers from everywhere but she has only been seen in a handful of plays and we don’t see her in too many commercials too. Lately Mahira Khan has been focusing on her film career both in and outside Pakistan but that does not mean that we won’t be seeing her in drama. In one of her recent interviews Mahira Khan assured her fans that she will certainly take up a drama if the script and the team is appealing enough. Mahira Khan said that she wanted to do the best project in Pakistan and across the border.

Even though Mahira Khan is well recognized as a talented actress now, she still keeps on being critical about herself. While watching her films and dramas she keeps on noting things which she could have done better to make her character look even better on screen. Mahira Khan believes in living the roles she plays and most often she loses herself in these roles.

After endorsing some very famous designers in the industry Mahira Khan is not the brand ambassador for Pepe Jeans. She looks young and stylish in her latest photo shoot for the brand. Pepe Jeans is an international brand which is really liked by people in Western countries. Here are some pictures from the photo shoot.

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