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“Main Sitara” – Coming Soon On TV One

Main Sitara is the upcoming drama starring Noman Ejaz, Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Meera, Azfar Rehman, Hassan Ahmed, Rija Ali, Aisha Gul and others. The script for the drama has been written by the famous writer Faiza Iftikhar but the name of the director has not been revealed yet. According to TVOne ths story of Main Sitara is “Set against the glitzy Lollywood of the sixties, this is the heart wrenching journey of a poor girl who yearns to be a film star.” There is a confusion regarding the name of the play because Faiza Iftikhar keeps on calling it “Nigaar Khana” on her facebook page but TvOne is promoting it as “Main Sitara”.

TVOne is promoting the drama nowadays by posting pictures from the set which show all the actors sporting the 60s look with the sets showing the film world in the 1960s too.

Saba Qamar plays the lead role of Sitara. Mikaal Zulfiqar’s character is named Farhad sethi. Meera will be playing the role of Naseem dilruba.

Here are some pictures from the sets of “Main Sitara”.


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