Mohabbat Aag Si – The End!

Ohkay so, just like we all discussed & predicted, they so didn’t need this particular episode because it was more like a recap of the terrible journey that Apa Ji has lived through. They could’ve easily ended the drama last week by showing that things got sorted between Wajahat & Saba & Arshad threw Apa Ji out of his home!

So, Mahnoor’s confession helped Saba overcome the misunderstanding that she was clinging onto about her husband Wajahat. Not that I am against what Saba did, but I wonder why do all these spouses in our dramas are so insecure that they choose to doubt their husbands & wives just so easily? Wajahat doubted Saba for cheating on him & now Saba did the same but then Saba had the reason to because she saw the photos but what Wajahat did was uncalled for because he chose to believe a random guy who popped out of nowhere. Anyways, Saba deserved so much better but if she is miserably happy with this brain-dead fellow called Wajahat, to phir hum kya kar sakte hain!

I really really really liked Samia’s character because she was the only woman of substance in this drama & she proved it right till the end. She tolerated everything that came her way because she never had a support of her husband but slowly & gradually she earned his respect & trust & after that she was on a winning spree. I must say the only character that emerged stronger than ever throughout this journey was Samia. She showed what a woman is capable of if she on her own will decides to fight her battles herself & doesn’t care about anything as far as she knows what she’s doing is right. I was actually happy that Samia requested & somehow ordered Sharafat that she won’t be staying under the same roof which will be shared by Rukhsana as well & yes, Sharafat earned some points back when he understood what Samia was going through & came out with a solution to ease her pain & support her as soon as possible.

Once again, it wasn’t Arshad who told Rukhsana to leave, she left on her own but once again lied to Bee Jee that she’s the one who ditched Arshad because she really thought that this would give her some sort of satisfaction & would ease her pain that she was feeling after being dissed by Arshad. Honestly speaking, I really want to know that after creating so much mess & after creating havoc in people’s lives, what was she expecting that she’d be forgiven easily? She was her own enemy & that’s about it. She wasted her whole life in a false hope that if Arshad wouldn’t have left her, she would’nt have done such things but nope, that’s not how things roll. One way or the other you’re expected & you’re supposed to move on but those who chose not to do that are at mistake & no one else is responsible for your own shortcomings. I think only writer & Bee Jee are two people who had sympathy with Rukhsana whereas she didn’t deserve an ounce of it actually!!!

They literally used the second half as a recap to show Rukhsana reminsicing about her past, which I feel was a time wasted & was more like a filler in this otherwise content-free episode. Also, the way Rukhsana made it back to her brothers’ home was too random. I am sure this must’ve been another one of her plans that got materialized because she would’ve known the route that Wajahat takes, so she deliberately must’ve sat there in a hope that Wajahat will come & find her & being a brand ambassador of khidmat-e-khalq Wajahat had to stop the car, unbuckle the belt, had to open the door & approach her! Anyhow, Rukhsana embraced death silently after getting a chance to apologize from Saba & Samia. I actually don’t really feel anything at this point because I think the ending came too late & literally killed the suspence, curiosity & the charm of this drama that we all had & that is why I am not convinced with the ending that Rukhsana met. I wanted someone to knock some sense into her but the way Sharafat & Wajahat got liberation after Rukhsana’s death once again made them look spineless because they were depending on karma’s move? Why didn’t they take the situation in their hands ever? Why were they always so chilled & casual about the whole scenario & never bothered about finding the solution to the mental problems that Rukhsana had? It’s like Rukhsana had them bound to herself even when she was alive & also when she died, so that they will be able to find happiness as she were to leave them alone because they would do nothing to grab it themselves!!! The only person who did something productive & wise about it was Arshad who took her to the psychiatrist thinking he was taking a well-needed initiative.

Anyhow, this drama was a case of a hit & a miss. The first season was a hit & the second season was a miss. Saba who had a lot of potential chose to go into a deep slumber ever since she got pregnant. I so wish that she had gotten in contact with Arshad Junior & they would’ve played some mind-games with Rukhsana to bring her down. It’s like the writer couldn’t maintain a balance between the villain & the hero(es) (if any) & that is why the villain was always dominant & one step ahead of everyone else whereas the heroes were following the footsteps of a turtle. Things actually were interesting in the beginning because it was a drama based on such a story that we haven’t seen before but too bad that it was reduced to the typical typical typicalll dusri biwi scenario where a hopeless & helpless man was seen running like a headless chicken because he got his head chopped off as a result of multiple marriages! Also, I most certainly don’t agree with the sympathetic words that Wajahat uttered in order to justify Rukhsana’s behavior. What he said suggested that he was putting a blame on Arshad & his mother for turning Apa Ji into a vamp, but sorry, I don’t buy that. She herself had so much evilness in her that she nurtured it & brought herself to a point where she couldn’t see anyone happy. Also the limits that she crossed with Arshad even before she got married to him was also her own choice, so when she was sane enough to go to such extreme, she should have been sane enough to go easy on her brothers & their wives too!

Anyways, the direction was good but the only complain I have is regarding the pace that was slowed down unnecessarily. Iffat Omar was phenomenal & so was Uzma. Honestly speaking, I only started watching this drama because of Iffat Omar & still believe that she did a commendable job, I wish I could say that about her makeup artist though who made sure that they used such foundations that didn’t match her skin tone at all & that is why, such a pretty face ended up looking quite unpleasant. Uzma joined in the list too & she also became one of the reasons why I followed this drama right till the end. Sara Khan looked haseeeeeeeen in literal sense of the word. She is very pretty & talented & actually my favorite as well. The boys were spineless & that’s why their acting or their presence didn’t matter much but yes, the only guy that was impressive in this drama was Imran Ashraf (Arshad Junior), he really is a very very talented actor & I hope we get to see him in more dramas. I so wish his track was extended a little & he was given a bit more screen time too where he would be seen avenging Shareefa’s death! I liked Shareefa’s character too & she still holds some sympathy in my heart because she deserved a better & happy ending also the actress that played her character did a phenomenal job as well. The ladies for sure were totally impressive. Production value of this drama was good too but I really hope that Hum Tv stops following the footsteps of ARY Digital where when they sense that the drama is doing well, they decide to stretch it like a chewing gum. I hope they take notice of the fact that when chewing gum is streteched more than its elasticity, it loses everything, the shape, the taste & is contaminated by germs, so this is exactly what happens with the dramas too. We’ve said this time & again but this time around I’m using bachon wali example in a hope that someone from Hum Tv actually for the first time ‘understands’ what I am saying in easy words!!! Please share your thoughts about this journey that has finalllllllllllllllly ended!!! Phewww!!!

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