Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, this episode of Mana Ka Gharana was good & alright both. I feel that way because in my opinion, most of the characters have stopped making sense, the direction has become mediocre & the story has nothing much to offer. I feel it’s good only as far as Maalik & Zarri’s track is concerned because it still has something left to offer.

Shehryaar once again found a reason to insult Khizer but what annoyed me the most was that Mana stood there as a spectator & didn’t even have the courage to stop Shehryaar completely. Even though she tried her ‘level best’ but didn’t seem too concerned. Yes, she took a stand when Khizer retaliated & he tried to punch Shehryaar, which showed that she can take a stand but for the wrong reasons at a wrong time. She shunned Khizer’s hand only to display her detest but I really don’t understand why each & everyone is only holding Khizer responsible & why even a single family member has not questioned Shehryaar (except Zarri)?

As far as I remember, all these characters had some sensibility & maturity where they could differentiate between the right & wrong but ever since Shehryaar has come into the picture, each & everyone has lost the plot. Saleha got another reason to hate Khizer, but why didn’t she or Ghalib or Maalik try to ask Mana about the reason behind Khizer’s aggression? She came & reported the incident & they all believed in her one sided story without putting much thought into the fact that something must’ve happened that pushed all the wrong buttons there. Anyways, I am glad that in such an annoying scene, I got one thing that made me laugh & that was Shehryaar’s run towards his car like a coward when he saw Khizer coming towards him. LOL! Matlab, itniiiiii bari batain aur andar se himmat chuhay jitni? Also, I think Shehroz Sabzwari took Mai-Shahrukh-Khan-Banna-Chahta-Hoon to another level. Take it easy bro…it wasn’t fun seeing the vibration of your cheeks!

I thought Mana said that she will speak to Shehryaar about Gul Bahar & her unnecessary interference but looks like she hasn’t done the talking because Gul Bahar is like a mad woman on the loose who is doing what she pleases, without even bothering about Shehryaar. She thought that Saleha needed to prove how eager she was to get Mana married to Shehryaar & in order to do that she had to give everything that she has under Mana’s ownership. Oh well, it took a split second for Saleha to agree to the gibberish Gul Bahar uttered & she went on a mission to convince everyone. I really thought that for a moment Ghalib, Maalik & Saleha will question the demand put forth by Gul Bahar because if Shehryaar is so rich, why would he need a small property like Mana’s home? I found it odd that Maalik agreed to it without even trying to knock some sense into Saleha’s empty head aur Ghalib uncle ki to hamesha ki tarhaan seeti hi Ghayab ho gai. Yes, I do understand that parents walk an extra mile for their children but no one does it without thinking things through. What guarantee does Saleha has that giving each & everything to Mana will ensure her happiness? Can’t they all see that things haven’t been smooth ever since Mana & Shehryaar have gotten engaged, first the way Khizer was targetted, then again all those attempts of insulting Khizer & now this unreasonable demand of property? This rishta isn’t as ideal as Saleha thinks it is but in aunty kaun samjhaye!!!

Anyways, Saleha spoke to Khizer about the property issue too & like a good boy, he agreed to it. Saleha also thought that she should let him know that he is no more a part of their family because Mr. Kal-Ke-Aye-Hue Shehryaar wants things to be that way & Khizer seemed cool with it too. Saleha is such a gamer where she wanted Khizer to cover up the whole situation by saying that he has already taken the money, but I find it ridiculous that aunty ki aqal ghas charnay chali jati hai when it comes to Shehryaar. I really want her to lose everything because then only she will understand how unreasonable she has been. I also think, it would’ve been better if they had shown Saleha as a widow because it would’ve justified her bebaaki & the bossy behavior because sorry to say, Ghalib uncle zinda hote hue bhi zinda to nahi hain!

Well, I liked the note at which the episode ended, where Maalik got to confess what he feels for Zarri, but honestly speaking, what I liked the most was Zarri’s display of dignity & self-respect where she took a stand against what Maalik said. It shows that she isn’t so desperate to wreck someone’s marriage even if it doesn’t exist but the fact still remains that both Gul Bahar & Maalik aren’t legally divorced, so it makes Zarri the second woman & she doesn’t want that. However, I liked Maalik’s confession & his reaction to what Zarri said because it showed how hurt he was & he was holding Gul Bahar responsible for it because she has destroyed everything in his life. I am glad that at least someone has the guts to stand against this evil duo of Gul Bahar & Shehryaar. Also, I really think it’s about time they start showing us how Mana ka Gharana will take a stand against them & get rid of them because I think it’s a bit too much where the negative characters are ruling like a boss & the supposedly positive ones are becoming their minions.

Laila girl, you need to explore Murree because that’s the reason behind your visit. They have tried to introduce a new character in Khizers’s life but the plot is weak & the way it has been introduced is weaker. I think in stead of cutting the calls short, Mana should speak to Shehryaar directly about what bothers her about him. Also, I found it odd that Saleha shares everything with her daughter but she didn’t tell her anything about Gul Bahar’s demands? I really want to know what Mana’s reaction would be. The preview of the next episode suggested a little more drama too but I am sure it would lack the impact. Overall, despite being a decent drama to watch, Mana Ka Gharana is losing its charm & they can get it back if the characters buckle up against Gul Bahar & Shehryaar (dono ke naam bhi itney mushkil aur lambay hain ke type karte hue 2 ghantay lag jatay hain)! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana & if you can, please suggest me some shorter names for Gul Bahar & Shehryaar, that would be a huge favor! :D

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