Mann Mayal Episode 32 – Change Of Heart(s)

All the flashback scenes in tonight’s episode reminded me of the good old days when I believed that this drama had something grand to offer! It also reminded me of the torture this drama has put all of us through! The only thing I am looking forward to right now is an ending to this torture. Mannu’s family members welcomed her like Columbus and  Ibn-e-Batutta’s families must have welcomed them when they came back from their travels. The viewers were shown the flashback scenes covering Mannu and Salahuddin like we had already forgotten about their love story.

All of Mannu’s troubles came to an end in this episode and Abba took a u-turn! After the surgery he actually had a change of heart. After torturing us for months with her becharapan Mannu is a now a more enlightened individual who knows exactly what she wants from life – yes she had a change of hear too! If the moral of the story was that girls should not see marriage as the ultimate goal than it was definitely not presented in the best way. If it was this easy for Mannu to go back to her parents’ house and live a life she wanted to live then why was Abba’s condition used as an excuse to make Mannu stay in Salahuddin’s house for the longest time? The fact is that this drama would have had a decent ending on this note if Mannu’s mother did not pressurize her to stay in Salahuddin’s house, if Mannu wasn’t turned into the ultimate bechari and if Jeena wasn’t part of this grand plan. That way Mann Mayal could have ended at episode 16.

What exactly was Jeena’s role in this story? Apart from giving Salahuddin zehr and then drinking it herself, she did not add anything to the story. She got plenty of screen time, more than Mannu and Salahuddin’s families combined together and now that she is dead I am wondering why did she get so much attention? Jeena’s character was the most unnecessary character in the show. Unless there are actually viewers out there who felt something for her.

Even in this second last episode things moved forward at a snail’s pace. I don’t want to tune into another show in which Maya Ali sheds a single tear! Maya Ali has cried so much in this drama. It is sad to see someone who is capable of so much more being wasted in a role which has absolutely nothing to offer. Salahuddin kept on asking everyone why Mannu left, what happened to picking up the phone and dialing her number to ask her why she left? Also, Mannu’s call to Salahuddin’s parents and the way he was taken away to the operation theatre was meant to mislead the viewers into thinking that he might have died. Which doctor gives a patient anesthesia before taking him to the operation theatre? That was brand new!

Oh well! The story has still not ended and once Salahuddin is fit to travel he will go to Mannu’s house with a rishta.

How many of you watched this episode and how many of you are going to celebrate when this drama ends?

Fatima Awan

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