Marasim – Episode 16!

I can’t praise the writer enough for giving us such a strong script with such perfect characters. Just when I thought that the drama would become predictable & the viewers anticipated Daood’s accident, something totally unexpected happened & now Daood is counting the last days of his life. I don’t think any drama in the current lot comes at par to the brilliance of Marasim. I thank the team of Marasim for giving us such a perfect drama.

I know, after all that Daood has done to Nayab, he doesn’t deserve the sympathy but I couldn’t help feeling bad for him. He was someone who kept on sacrificing everything that he loved for the sake of his family. So, now when his family is happy & settled, he asked for a little happiness for himself but sadly, seems like he has a huge price to pay. Even though he was honest to Nayab about everything right from the beginning & could never give her a place in his heart except for a soft corner but still after all that he did recently doesn’t make him a bad person. Daood was a good bloke but just because he saw people walking over him, he lost control & wanted to turn things his way but little did he know that the fate had something else in store for him.

Even though whatever happened, both Daood & Momenah are to be blamed equally but I still feel Momenah has an upper hand in all the bad things that happened in Daood’s life. She walked away from his life just because she considered her mother a priority back then. She moved on quickly & got engaged to Fahad closing all the possible doors of returning to Daood but just when Daood after a long span of depression tried moving on, she indulged him in a guilt. Later when Daood was living a somewhat peaceful life with his wife after he had come to terms with the fact for how his life shaped up, Momenah came into the picture; unhappy with her married life, with her subliminal hints to Daood for reconciliation & just because she actually wanted to be with Daood, she challenged him to leave Nayab so that she could consider getting married to him. Seems like Momenah treated Daood as a stooge & loved seeing him following her instructions. It’s like Momenah felt that she had control over Daood’s life but that definitely is not the case & for that I totally blame Momenah for being such a bad influence in Daood’s life.

Fahad’s return was again an unexpected turn in the story. Fahad came when Momenah was at a brink of leaving him for good, even though she had planned it but just because Sherbano didn’t want it to happen, Momenah; no matter how much she resisted, started having second thoughts about her decisions after her mother showed her a dark face of the reality she’ll have to deal with after Daood’s death. While watching Fahad saying all those things to Momenah, I felt nothing for her because to be honest, she deserved it. She called it on her, herself. Fahad has all the rights to give her a reality check in whatever tone he wants to because once again he proved himself to be a loyal partner. Just because he loves Momenah, he is ready to forgive her for the pain she has caused to him. Fahad’s character made me think how easy it is to show strong men with some spine in the dramas because lately, we haven’t met any such male characters. After Daood, Fahad also turned out to be a strong character with some insight & rationality & I applaud the writer for that.

The episode revolved around Daood’s new found illness & Momenah but I wish they had actually shown a bit of Nayab, Gaitiara & Deeba as well, just to show what was happening in their lives. Even though it does seem justified that whatever happened to Daood was more like a karma’s spin on him but it’s still sad to see him suffering so badly. Can’t wait to see how Nayab reacts to Daood’s illness & would she be able to forgive him? How Gaitiara would react & would she be apologetic towards Nayab for the way she treated her? Can’t wait to find out.

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