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Maria Wasti Celebrates Her Birthday On The Sets Of Salam Zindagi

Maria Wasti is one of the most popular veteran actresses of Pakistan. From Kallo to Badlon Pay Basera to Malika e Aliya, Maria has appeared in more than fifty plays and always takes unconventional roles with a lot of margin for performance.

The beautiful model and actress shares the same birth date as Pakistan. Born on the 14th of August in 1980, she always cuts the cake around Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations.

This year, she was invited on the sets of Salam Zindagi by her very close and old friend Faysal Quraishi, who talked to her about life in general and patroitism in particular, since this week is all about the Independence Day of Pakistan. The other guests were actress Atiqa Odho and world renowned squash player, Jehangir Khan. Amidst very candid conversations about how they dream and aspire for their beloved country to progress while pointing out the flaws of its integral system especially in the field of arts and entertainment, Maria Wasti cut her birthday cake.

Here are some of the pictures from the set with Maria wearing a beautiful white dress with floral embroidery and a badge of the Pakistani flag shining brightly on her gorgeous ensemble.