Mawra and Urwa’s Euro Trip – Pictures

Mawra and Urwa are two sisters that joined the industry together and in a relatively short span of time, managed to gain a great fan following. They started with TV dramas and now they both have starred in movies – Urwa made her big screen debut with Na Maloom Afraad and she will also be seen alongside Bilal Ashraf in an upcoming film while Mawra made her Bollywood debut with film Sanam Teri Qasam. Now, their brother Ins-e-Yazdan will also make his TV debut with drama serial, Udaari.

These days the three siblings and Farhan Saeed are seen exploring Europe and having a great time.

Some pictures were shared earlier. Now here are some more pictures from the trip:

IMG_20160718_160036 IMG_20160718_155757

IMG_20160718_234904 IMG_20160718_234825 IMG_20160718_234811IMG_20160718_155953 IMG_20160718_155808 IMG_20160718_155831 IMG_20160718_160002 IMG_20160718_160015 IMG_20160718_155820 IMG_20160718_155853 IMG_20160718_155933 IMG_20160718_155913 IMG_20160717_001143 IMG_20160718_155903


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