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Mawra Hocane Believes In The Power Of Her Dreams

Every successful celebrity has their unique personality traits which take them where they are in life. Some are where they are today because they are hardworking and practical but there are few like Mawra Hocane who strongly believe in the power of their dreams and do whatever they can to pursue them. While Mawra Hocane states in her twitter account that her personality is a “blend of love and chaos”, her tweets show something completely different about her personality.


Mawra Hocane’s tweets mention dreams very often and not like they are unachievable but like they are goals which will be attained with time. Mawra also posts tweets that are very inspiring in which she is asking herself to stay strong and not let the criticism get the best of her. She has set certain goals for herself and every day’s difficulties do not run her down but they motivate her to try harder.


Here are some tweets that will show to you what a dreamer Mawra Hocane is and how she keeps on telling herself to keep going. She is a strong person who believes in overcoming all obstacles.

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