Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 04!

OMG! I must say I am in love with this drama. Honestly speaking, after Diyar-e-Dil, I wasn’t too sure if the drama that’s replacing it would be able to give me something to talk about but I am so glad that right from the direction to the acting to the story & the dialogues, everything about Preet Na Kariyo Koi is phenomenal.

The episode began at such a light-hearted note where Mariam got the screen time she deserved. She refused to accept her reward from Fiaz Uncle because she knew she wanted to have her reward her way. The thing I absolutely love about this drama is that with very precise dialogues, they give you an insight about the background of a character & what’s running through their minds. Just a single statement from Mariam was enough to let us know why she is level-headed & opinionated. She grew up without a father & brother, therefore she has been independent & self-sufficient, that is why in such a tight-knit community where everyone knows about everyone, she dared to be different & proposed her prospect husband herself so that she could convey her message to him just the way she deemed fit & in all honesty, I love Mariam’s character because she is all about honesty herself. I am sure she will prove to be a very good wife to Ilyas & he actually deserves someone who loves him & would cherish him for the rest of her life.

The thing I liked the most in this episode was the way they showed that neither Fiaz nor Ilyas’s mother were unaware of what was happening around them. In our dramas, most of the times they show that elder-lies are oblivious of what’s transpiring in their surroundings just to depict their simplicity but here the things are different yet they seem very genuine & relate-able. They live in such a vicinity where all sorts of rumors make place to everyone’s home, that is why Ilyas’s mother mostly knew about Mariam’s nature & her personality, therefore she formed a strong opinion about her in no time. I really like that they have kept things simple & not too explanatory where they didn’t feel the need to resort to some typicality showing Ilyas’s mother engaging in a dialogue with someone from her ‘mohalla’ who spoke against Mariam to inform her what her intentions were. It depicted the farsightedness of Ilyas’s mother that the moment Mariam came in contact with Ilyas, she could sense that Mariam had something in her mind.

In the beginning, I really liked how Goshi spoke to Shams & inquired about his health, I say that because Goshi showed a very different side of hers, which made me feel that she is capable of being considerate & selfless too & it also showed that just when Goshi will love someone, she will go to any extreme to do things for her beloved. The way Goshi is with Shams & the way she is with Ilyas; it is a clear depiction of the fact that if Goshi’s heart is in something, she can be just as nice & likable too, which I guess makes her even more real because in real lives, each & every person is like that, where they go to any length for the people they love & they can’t be bothered much about those who don’t hold a special place in their hearts.

The way Goshi got excited at what Mariam told her, made me think that she’ll give a very humorous angle to the whole scenario & will convince her Chachi with logic & reasoning with the important factor of love & consideration but the way she painted the whole scene with negativity in front of her elders made her look very selfish. Like I have said before, despite being strong-minded, Goshi actually is a bit weak when it comes to owning her decisions that is why, she decided to hold Ilyas responsible for everything & blamed his mother for not keeping an eye on him, thinking that this way, she will be getting a perfect alibi for being drawn towards Shams even when she was engaged to Ilyas. Very conveniently Goshi blamed Ilyas for the things she knows he isn’t responsible for & also she said all that with so much of conviction because she knew that Ilyas never had enough guts to correct her or speak in front of her. Seeing the aftermath of that conversation, I actually felt heartbroken because Goshi shouldn’t have done that to her family, especially when she knows that they all love her so much, she could have easily convinced her Chachi that Mariam is Mrs. Right for Ilyas, but her approach was wrong on so many levels.

Shams was seen lost & he took some time to absorb the fact that he is married. The way he spoke about Zareena clearly showed that he is in no mood to give this marriage a chance but he will take it as a duty & fulfill it because he knows how important it is for Zareena to feel secure socially. I loved the conversations Goshi had with her friend because she tried to knock some sense into her & tried to give her a reality check that she was better off with the decision her father took for her but if only Goshi’d understand. Her friend could clearly see that everything Goshi instigated was due to her affection for Shams but Shams has never reciprocated such feelings towards her, therefore she’s going on a wrong track altogether.

The thing that saddened me the most was that Fiaz lost the trust he had on Ilyas & sadly, their relation & equation will never be the same again. Fiaz felt cheated & he thought that it was Ilyas who wasn’t true to the promise he made to his daughter. Fiaz also was saddened because he knows that Ilyas is a gem of a person & he is the only one who’d be able to make Goshi happy but little does he know that Goshi’s finding her happiness elsewhere. Goshi once again tried to push her agenda & started blaming Mariam in front of her father thinking she’d be able to fool him, but I am sure her father will find out the real reason soon enough. I am glad that Ilyas found his happiness but I so wish they had at least given both Ilyas & Mariam a little screen-time by showing their marriage or some sort of conversation between them. Ilyas didn’t retaliate much because deep down he also knew that Goshi wasn’t happy with their engagement & that’s why, when he opportunity presented itself, he didn’t hold back & took the leap of faith. I really hope Ilyas’s mother sees the goodness in Mariam & accepts her happily.

Ohkay so, let’s talk about the confrontation between Shams Syal & Shagufta Shehzadi, oh boy, it was done to perfection like literally you could see that Goshi was fuming with the news of Shams’s marriage & Shams was caught off guard with such an abrupt reaction. Brilliant acting by both Hira & Ahsan there! He did find out that Goshi was in love with him but he didn’t let her honest confession divert his mind. He knew that he didn’t have enough courage to face another trouble, therefore he backed out, conveying it to her that he won’t fall for her trap at all. Well, the way Goshi attempted suicide wasn’t something shocking or surprising, because she is like that & she is so blinded by the drive of getting what she wants that she decided to go to another extreme to get it. The preview of the next episode was intense & I think Goshi will be pushing her luck where she will force her father to accept Shams’s proposal for her. I am sure things won’t be easy for Goshi anymore because she is bringing all the hardships her way herself.

I must say, Hira has really won me over. I never had a high opinion about her acting before & nor was I her fan, but her performance in Preet Na Kariyo Koi is stellar & it is so evident that she has given her 100% to this character, therefore she really has changed my opinion about her. I really hope that she stays true to her talent & opts for more such challenging roles without succumbing to the pressures of performing in dusri biwi sagas. Ahsan Khan really is showing his real talent in this drama where his body language, his expressions, each & everything about him shows that he belongs to Gujranwala. He really has carried himself well & is doing justice to this character completely. Hasan Noman is phenomenal & just the ‘gulp’ expression when he gets proposed was enough to tell what was going through his mind, I really think very few actors can convey so much through such minute expressions so 10/10 for him for portraying Ilyas so perfectly. I loved Irfan Khoosat’s & Naghma Begum’s presence & acting in this drama so much. They are a treat to watch & yes, I have never really liked Mira Sethi’s previous performances but in this drama, she really is doing well too. I must thank the director for doing such a brilliant job in all the aspects & for making Preet Na Kariyo Koi such a visual treat. I really give extra marks to the whole team for bringing out the essence of interior Lahore so effortlessly on our screens; those narrow & uneven lanes, beautifully carved wooden doors, kids playing in the surroundings, those electric wires hanging over the buildings, the dhaba where Shams enjoys tea with his friends, really give a very realistic feel to this drama. Also, I loved seeing Badshahi Masjid in the background in one of the scenes, it reminded me of my childhood & the day when I visited it with my family – there’s always something unique about such dramas that stir some emotions or memories & that’s when they end up becoming very special to you as well, so for this & for so many other obvious & awesome reasons, I am ticking all the boxes & I am certain that it will continue to blow us away till it ends! Please share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi. :)

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