Mawra Uses Twitter To Speak For Pakistan



Pakistani actress, Mawra has been criticized every now and then for not speaking or standing against Indian hatred and enmity. The criticism further increased after her Bollywood debut with film Sanam Teri Kasam.


The tweets below describe criticism for Mawra the best:


All the criticism can probably be one of the reasons why Mawra raised her voice against disgraceful and abhorrent remarks made by an Indian filmmaker, Anubhav Sinha in his upcoming film, against Pakistan.

In the film, there’s a conversation between actors Aditya Seal and Meher Vij about a Pakistani guy:


“Mahawl toh pata hai wahaan ka. Kabhi yaha bomb phat rahe hai kabhi waha”.

“Pakistan mein ladke hai bhi kahan? Aadhe toh cricket khelte hai aur baaki ladkon ka kuch thik nahi hai.”

Mawra replied to these harsh comments using Twitter:

By standing up against the wrong, against the hatred towards her country, Mawra has once again succeeded in winning the hearts of many Pakistanis. We’re proud of you Mawra!!


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