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Maya Ali’s Latest Photoshoot Is Ethereal

The diva, the star Maya Ali has done extremely well for herself. The actress started out in dramas and later has progressed rather very successfully to movies. Her movie Teefa In Trouble released in July and it is still in cinemas and she is already getting ready with another mega film Parey Hut Love opposite Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui. With such a success rate, people literally start loving and looking forward to you. The same happened to Maya Ali and her fans are dying to see her in another project pot Teefa.

Parey Hut Love will release in 2019 but the actress made sure to keep in touch with fans when she did a photo shoot recently for formals and needless to say, she looked GORGEOUS in every frame. Maya Ali is wearing pastels, pinks and gold and is looking stunning with her hair styled to perfection and her makeup giving her an oomph. Check out the breathtaking shoot of Maya Ali: