Koi Chand Rakh Episode 19 Story Review – Weak Storyline

Opening Thoughts – Weak Storyline:

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh was strictly alright. This drama lacks the wow factor in my opinion & it’s a shame considering the kind of star cast it has but it still hasn’t been impressive which shows that no matter what, a strong storyline is what makes or breaks the drama.

Things Rolling In The Favor of Zain & Nishal:

Nishal & Zain are having the time of their lives. They not only got married but are now together because they know that they are legally & officially tied in a relationship so no one can say anything. Nishal took a stand & Zain obliged because if it was for him, he wouldn’t have mustered up the courage himself but now because Nishal came to his house & did the honors of announcing their marriage, Zain stood by her because that’s the least he could do. It was kind of shocking to see Nishal literally barging into Zain’s house & making a way for herself. Also, Nishal did borrow Rabail’s room décor but did she also steal her wardrobe because Nishal came to Zain’s place empty handed but now she had a change of clothes for every other scene?

Nafeesa knows she can not do anything plus she supports her daughter blindly, therefore her stance on this matter was understandable but the one who shook me to no end was Asad. Asad proved that pointing a gun at Nishal was basically his way of showcasing his over-acting because when it was the time for real action, he told Umair to not do anything. What a shame!

Rabail was suffering, emotionally, mentally as well as physically but no one seemed to care. Gulshan has her concerns but that too for her own selfish reasons that she wants Zain’s baby in her house by hook or by crook therefore she wants Zain go put up with Rabail. I do think out of all the people, may be Gulshan will understand & like Rabail for who she is. Nishal has proved that she grew up with a lot of insecurities but then in stead of blaming Rabail, she should blame her father especially for being unable to raise her properly!

Umair’s character is well-written & I think that is the only character that the writer worked hard on because despite things not being in his favor, we get to see all the shades of his personality always. Even though Umair is wise but there is still something child-like about him which is the quality that he only shows in front of Rabail. The way he vowed to not move from the bench until Rabail says so was sweet. All the things Umair said were very much necessary for some sense to be knocked into Rabail’s one-dimensional & dull brain. I am glad Umair did the honors & told Rabail what she should do. That entire scene was the only good scene of the episode in my opinion.

Even though Zia Bhai did not make an appearance in this episode but I was reminded of him because of Sobia. I will congratulate Zia Bhai the genius for being mature & saving himself from the hassle of getting married to a dimwit like Sobia who was justifying Zain’s marriage to Nishal by stating that she was prettier than Rabail. As if that was not enough, Sobia had the audacity to say that right in front ot Rabail that too when she was crying? I wish Sobia stays unmarried right till the end of the drama & she doesn’t get the man of her dreams. This is the right kind of punishment for such a dimwit!!!

Closing Thoughts – Muneeb Butt Is The Star of The Show:

This episode was alright but the preview of the next episode showed a change in Rabail’s attitude which was much needed. Ayeza Khan has proved that she focuses more on her looks & not on what the character demands. When her FIL died, she sported rosy cheeks in that scene & now when she was mourning her broken marriage, her highlighter was shining bright for the astronauts to catch from the space. Also, not to forget silky straight hair in every other scene even when she’s at the hospital tending to her patients, Wah! I think the writer gave this character a wrong name because what suits it best is Dr. Gulabo. Anyways, Muneeb Butt is the only good thing about this drama. He has proved himself & it is good to see a young actor outbidding those actors who are senior in terms of acting experience. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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