Maybelline Maker Women Anthem Inspire All Strong And Unique Pakistani Women

Maybelline New York, a major American cosmetic brand sold worldwide unveiled their new slogan “Make It Happen” back in 2016. The slogan was a stance to inspire all strong women of the world who are unique, audacious and express their beauty in their own way.

Maybelline Pakistan has now released a Maybelline Maker Women Anthem with some prominent women of the country under the same slogan of  “Make It Happen” to encourage all strong women of the society.

You will see some glimpses of famous model and actor Ayesha Omer, brillinat singer and songwriter Zoe Viccaji, fitness instructor Sarah Tareen and a story teller Alina Ehtisham. A New York based Pakistani artist and designer, Naveen Shakil is also a part of the anthem.

The anthem is a remake of a popular Pakistani Song sung by Tahira Syed, ‘Humsa Ho Tou Samnay Aye’ with Ali Sethi on the vocals.

Ayesha Omair

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