Me and Aiman struggled A Lot In Showbiz

Minal khan has said in our fraternity there are different kind of people on a question asked by Samina Peerzada that how do you find this feild?
She said that in this feild there are every kind of people there are too bold people and also there are too shy people and it depends upon you how you work, you get bold or you work with respect and for me I had to face a lot of difficulties in start.

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She said it had been a whole lot struggle for me and Aiman we we just didn’t get hit in a blink she said we started from commercials during our school days because our father’s friend offered us commercials and thats how we started afterwards we started to get dramas roles and then our struggle paid off. She said I haven’t forgotten from where I belong to, that’s why I am carrying my fame well.
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She said our parents supported us to join showbiz because my mother used to go with us on shoots and used to be with us there but I think if parents don’t allow no one should come in showbiz because mindsets and opinions of families are different and one should not deviate from parents for personal good. But otherwise this feild is absolutely good to be taken as profession just make sure to get permission from parents then you will be satisfied and happy.
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She said I believe we should not post much about our lives on social media because that is how we attract evil eye and I strongly believe in it. We should live moments rather than posting it on social media, but it becomes necessary for fans to post as they wait for you. She said fame hasn’t spoiled me. It has helped me to become a mature and better person.

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We agree because she talked with such maturity even Samina Peerzada was all ears to her and was just listening.

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