Jo Tu Chahay Episode 9 Story Review – 2 Scoops of Ice Cream

Opening Thoughts – Profound Message Gone Wrong:

Ohkay so, this episode of Jo Tu Chahay again focused more on the negativity and ill feelings that both Shama and Faseeha have towards each other. At one point I lost interest and didn’t really bother paying attention to some of the scenes. This drama surely has a very profound message but the fact that in order to dramatize it, they really have gone a bit too slow & have relied on such petty situations that it actually makes you question why you are even watching this as well as question the director that why did he even shoot these scenes & yes, also question the writer as to how could she even write such situations!

Don’t Be Like Mashal:

Mashal is beautiful, let’s keep this fact aside but what’s more there’s to her character to like or appreciate? I don’t see anything else apart from her perfectly shaped eyebrows, her big beautiful eyes, perfect lips and rosy complexion, yes, all of this definitely makes Mashal an eye-candy but her character is annoying as hell. Yes, I am using that strong word but this is what I see her as. Mashal baby hasn’t been able to get Arman’s proposal out of her mind, I mean a girl who speaks like a toddler and rolls her eyes like an infant demanding milk was ready to take on the married world, which is filled with a lot more hardships & obstacles she could even think of? Mashal was happy with the idea of marriage but did she even think for a second if she was mentally ready & mature enough to handle the lifelong commitment that a marriage is? Once again, her complaining & whining (though annoying) is still alright considering she has not been treated with love, care & attention by the people around her (supposedly) but to see her relating everything to her not getting married to Arman, the guy she didn’t even love with all her heart is making it very very hard to take her character seriously. Mashal is coming across as that desperate cousin who is obsessed with the idea of marriage to any tom, dick & harry. Mashal is like that cousin who just wants to get married for the sake of fancy clothes, bridal dresses, heavy jewelry, visits to parlors. Mashal is that girl who can’t even spell ‘marriage’ properly but wants it in her life. Don’t be like Mashal!!!

The fact that Mashal found herself ‘mariyal’ at the thought of not getting married & then found herself ‘zinda’ after eating 2 scoops of ice-cream speaks volumes about her & yes, like I said, it makes it very very hard for me to take her seriously. Mashal whines that no one loves her but then she has Appa Jee right next to her who doesn’t speak without addressing her as ‘meri jaan’, still this dimwit thinks she is not loved enough. Someone get her a bucket full of ice-cream from my side please so that her faith in humanity, love & Allah is restored!!!!

I really hope they had promoted this drama as a love story of Hashir & Bisma & not a story of a lost toddler like Mashal, because that would’ve shifted the perspective of the viewers. This is what I was thinking about while watching this episode because the focus has purely been on Hashir & Bisma’s families, so it would’ve been better to treat them as main leads & Mashal as a supporting character because there’s more content in their tracks. Mashal’s track has absolutely nothing to offer & it gets kind of frustrating because I watch this drama with that thing in mind where I am waiting to see her life kick-starting but because it doesn’t happen, it looks like the story is stagnant or moving around in circles. I guess this was the second time we got to see Bisma & Hashir having a tiff over Mashal!?! So, what’s next?

Hashir has asked Appa Jee to arrange his & Bisma’s marriage too. I don’t know, it is perfectly fine to have a liking for your cousin but this drama has shown cousin love a very different level, as if all these girls & boys don’t have a social circle, friends or other people in their lives that they literally grew up dreaming about any random cousin in sight. Arman liked Mashal. Mashal liked Arman. Areesha loved Arman. Areesha got married to Arman. Bisma loves Hashir. Hashir loves Bisma. Oh yes, as much as I enjoyed watching Imran Abbas & Alizeh Shah in one frame because they both are beautiful actors, I was kind of forced to think about the amount of makeup in that frame too & I was finding it hard to figure out who was wearing more because they both were pretty much on the same level of ‘glam’, Masha Allah! 

Shama & Faseeha are still upset at Arman & Areesha’s Nikkah. Faseeha is not keeping Areesha in any bubble because she knows the kind of mother in law Shama will be but Areesha doesn’t pay heed to all of this because she is satisfied with the fact that she will go overseas. I mean if there was any ‘new’ or ‘different’ situation in this episode of Jo Tu Chahay that I must’ve missed discussing then please do remind me of it in the comments because I failed to see anything new or interesting. Bisma loves Hashir so it was nice to see her accepting the fact that she will do whatever Hashir expects from her, so it kind of made me think that it is only Hashir who can change her for the better, unless he gets attracted towards his Chutki. The amount of time Appa Jee referred to Hashir & Mashal as behan bhai made me giggle a bit, I hope they do stay as behan bhai forever, let’s see!

Closing Thoughts – !?!?!?!?!

Jo Tu Chahay does have some good moments to it, it still qualifies as a good drama to tune to but the fact that the scenarios are so repetitive & the focus on side characters is kind of making it a very typical story which only focuses on family politics & nothing else. I do understand Mashal’s perspective too but to see her sulking in the corners, near windows is annoying to be honest. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jo Tu Chahay.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • I agree with you, I had limited interest in the episode. Mashal is annoying. I don’t get her. Firstly, for her Arman’s proposal was like a good rishta coming her way and then she was the one who asked him to get married to Aresha and now she is upset like a tragedy happened.
    They should increase the pace a bit

    • I agree, the pace is also one of the major factors which is not letting this drama appeal to the viewers. Mashal is hard to relate to. Very annoying character. Bechari for the sake of being a bechari, without any reason at that.

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha what a thorough analysis on mashal as such much I was bored with her same rona dhona this made me so happy that everyone else thinks the same about her. Bhaee kahan gayee parhai ki determination exams over and she’s damsel in distress kisi course mein admission le lo yar next class ko academy join kr lo kuch tou kro 😂😂😂🙏

    • Haha, I am glad we all feel the same way. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Mashal talk about her future plans of completing her education, finding a job & doing something for herself & her Daadi but oh well, the cousin fever took over her & she is sulking. I swear, she needs some activity in her life, education would be the best option.

  • Mashal, Aiman and Aisha (Bhool) are the most awful characters in dramas these days. They have no personality whatsoever. All they ever do is cry in almost every scene. Also they are extremely stubborn Mary Sues who unintentionally unsymphatetic.

    • Yes, I am not sure about the other two but Mashal for sure is a cry baby & yes, she has zero personality.

      • I heard the actors get paid extra for sobbing in every is becoming a trend in all the dramas showing on Hum tv this season

  • Hilarious and apt review Zahra. Thank you. It was much needed laugh after “rona dhona” from Mashal. And yes you missed one point; Mashal is not ready to go for ice cream and aapa gee convices her that “bhai” keh raha hai tu chalo, ja k hulya theek karo apna. As if her “hulya” was not fine in that particular moment :P. Perfectly straight hair, perfect lip stain, eye shadow and cheek tint with a little bit of glycerin for the tears:P.
    And also, when bisma is being teased by her brother, I mean he knows that bisma likes Hashir and the mother is all ignorant and asks “ab tumko kya hua hai”. Yar kitna aur ishara chahye…

    • LOL, thank you so much for appreciating the review. :) Thank you for reminding me of that scene, exactly, she was totally made up as if she was ready to go to Dawat e Valima, yet Appa jee thought she needed some fixing to eat ice cream. Yes, Shama could totally sense Areesha’s interest in Arman but why is it that she hasn’t been able to figure out why Bisma keeps on talking about Faseeha & co!?

  • Hi Zahra.

    I haven’t seen the latest episode you wrote about, but I have seen all others. I laughed reading your review, because I too find Mashal ab it baby like. Her dialogue delivery is not good, or maybe it’s because she isn’t able to portray her character on screen. The amount of make up and her always newly ironed hair just don’t go along with her environment she is living in. And she is always so na-shukri. The whole time complaining.. and it is getting quite annyoing.

    I must say that almost all of the Pakistani drams, focus too much on marriage with cousins. There is a culture for it, in Pakistan the most out of all the other countries in the world. And the drama makers are not helping the issue with every other drama showing cousins as lovers. The children growing up needs to see their cousins in different ways than a potentially husband or wife. And people should be aware of disadvantages of marrying into cousins. Yes, I know it is not forbidden in Islam, but it is not compulsory either to marry your first cousin as soon as he is old enough.

    I’m not sure how long I will watch this, but I will be reading the reviews.:)

    • Thank you so much for reading the reviews & appreciating them. :) I know, Alizeh Shah should’ve at least made her character a little realistic but she focused a lot more on glamming Mashal up. I guess it will take her a lot of time to let go of so much makeup on-screen, I mean she is naturally pretty, so she just needs some touch ups for camera, not a full beat face, especially when she is playing a character like Mashal.

      Yes, cousin marriages are heavily promoted in our dramas but it actually is the truth that a lot of people prefer or just end up getting married to their cousins in Pakistan. Nothing wrong in it but yes, it is like they don’t even look beyond this circle.

  • thank goodness I don’t torture myself every week by watching it, I just read your reviews & that’s only to make me laugh not really interested in the story

  • The writer is trying to follow the footsteps Ashfaq Ahmed to be an intellectual, and spiritualist. This drama seems to be inspired by Ashfaq Ahmed drama “Manchalay ka Suda”. Ashfaq sahib drama is a marvel, mystery and questions. The questions that each character is asking in the each sentence.

    Same this drama is about knowing an unknown, about knowing what is known but not reflected and understood as it must be. This drama also a story of a girl who is in search of meaning in her life and a path that would lead her to the destiny that she was created for. The meaning and the path she is not discovering through philosophers, intellectuals or learned academicians but through her grandmother.

  • Hahahaha, this was my mode while reading your review. You thrown all your frustration out so correctly. My favorite part was the whole paragraph, “don’t be like Mashal.” Too good. However i think we can relate Mashal’s 2 scoop ice cream therapy, because she lives in a home where the other person is also a lady, so this is a natural tendency to have feelings of male presence in the family for protection, help, affection or to relieve the wounds time to time by making jokes around or touring outside, give moral & financial support. Mashal made a great sacrifice for Areesha which eventually made her heartbroken, so she was neither recognised for her sacrifice nor sympathise for the grief she is going through. This is my theory. But i still can’t digest her huge makeup and sudden die hard feeling for Armaan in few episodes earlier, when her only aim was to get educated and get a respectable job. Also another thing i did not digest was about Armaan, the way he was talking hours with Areesha on phone, it looks to me that he was very desperate guy working in deserted county, need any girl for love and marriage, doesn’t matter it is Mashal or Areesha. Regarding Hashir-Bisma love story, i like it but one shows no emotions or facial expression and other is full of it. If you look at Hashir’s face it feels that Becahrgi is dripping out thoroughly from his face. A handsome face or photogenic face is good in frames, but does not fit in moving frames.