Meer Abru Episode 17 Story Review – Brilliant

Opening Thoughts – Fast Paced:

Ohkay so, this episode of Meer Abru was intense & beyond brilliant. Let me take a second to digest the fact that we are getting to see a Pakistani drama which is so fast paced because usually when some big secret is revealed, the next 20 episodes are dedicated to incessant crying of all the characters, side characters, gardeners, servants, drivers, neighbours & relatives but I am pleasantly & ecstatically surprised that in Meer Abru, the story is progressing so efficiently. Props to the entire team of Meer Abru for giving us such a brilliant & well-executed drama.

Meer Saved The Day:

This episode covered one of the most important & defining curves of the story & the director made sure to make it intense & packed with emotions. Firstly, Ahmad finally found out the reason behind Haya’s suicide attempt. I felt bad for Ahmad because he did everything to raise his daughters with right values & standards but Haya defied everything that Ahmad had taught her. Ahmad was already perplexed because he had absolutely no idea about the reason behind Haya’s irrational behaviour but once he found out, he couldn’t help resort to an extreme measure where he wanted her out of his home. Abru has to be the best thing that had happened to Haya & she should be thankful to Abru for guarding her & doing everything to keep her protected.

Saim not only believed Abru & Haya but he also tried to come to a conclusion because he wanted Waleed to take responsibility for everything. Saim did the best he could but he obviously was finding it hard to convince everyone because he had no solid evidence to prove that the Nikkah took place. Saim’s decision of bringing Ahmad to his place was a smart move, even though no one at that point believed Ahmad but they were forced to think about it for a while. The way Saim goes out of the way for Abru has to be the best thing about their relationship, it is like he leaves Abru speechless that there is a man in her life who happens to be so selfless & compassionate.

Meer came along & saved the day. Meer is a man of his words, he promised Waleed that he’ll save him if he will never get involved in something shady but now when he found out the truth, he made sure to do right by Haya, Abru & everyone because Waleed was at mistake. Waleed was winging it till now because he believed no matter what happens, Meer will continue to support him, this thing kind of put Zaibi’s heart to ease too because so far she was making the most of the rage that Meer had towards Abru, but not anymore. Even though in front of everyone Zaibi made sure to support Waleed & brush what he did under the carpet but it was actually good to see her questioning Waleed in private & feeling disgusted at how low he stooped. Just like everyone else, even Zaibi could not believe that Waleed could do something like this but then she had a bigger problem with the fact that Waleed was coming under the radar because of a girl who happens to be Abru’s sister. After seeing how everyone was now coming to stand by Haya & protect her, it was obvious to Zaibi that her position weakened whereas Abru’s strengthened.

Abru & Meer’s conversation was about Waleed & Haya but the underlying feelings were about something else. Abru once again spoke about how Meer should have trusted her before but then, they weren’t meant to be together, at least for now. Meer is suffering the most but he found it in his heart to do the right thing, even if it meant that he had to do something that was in Abru’s favour. Meer is madly in love with Abru & it makes me feel for him. I liked that Saim took this opportunity also to make Abru understand that she could trust him & that he had no issues with her & Meer’s interactions because he has come to terms with the fact that they both live under the same roof so they are bound to have some conversations.

Closing Thoughts – Beyond Brilliant:

Overall, this episode was superb. I love the way the story is unfolding at such a perfect pace. I must say, I liked Noor Hassan’s acting before in Abroo & now in Meer Abru, he has outdone himself, so I guess he really should appear in all those dramas that have the word Abru in the title because he is on top of his game in Meer Abru. Noor Hassan especially was phenomenal in this episode followed by all the actors especially Saad Qureshi. Srha Asghar has also succeeded in putting across Haya’s heart break convincingly. I love the equation Abru, Sana & Haya share with each other. I guess I’ve got nothing else to say but just that I absolutely love watching Meer Abru & it is my favorite drama. I am gutted that we got single episode this week, hope after Ramadan they go back to the usual air time Please share your thoughts about this episode of Meer Abru.

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